Cycling century


Culpeper’s back roads were full of bicycles Saturday, thanks to the Culpeper Cycling Century.

Nearly 250 riders signed up for the 12th annual bicycle ride that traverses Culpeper, Madison and Fauquier counties.

Tabitha Riley, Programs & Facilities Supervisor for Culpeper County Parks and Recreation, said the annual ride has become one of the premiere bicycling events in the state. 

“The first year this event was coordinated, we had 45 riders,” Riley said. “It’s been a lot of word of mouth, people come one year and then bring a friend the next year.”

While some rides have more bicyclists, the Culpeper Cycling Century sets itself apart with a scenic ride that is either 30, 60 or 100 miles. 

“We’re a small ride, there’s a lot of other rides that are 2,500 participants and a lot of cyclists here don’t want to ride with that many people,” Riley said. “We cap our ride at 500 people to provide that small, intimate feel. We provide quality rest stops, we have wonderful volunteers.”

More than 25 volunteers manned rest stops Saturday while volunteer fire and rescue squads also provided support. Riley said that the ride also gets help from the Culpeper Town Police Department, Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office, Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office,

Funds raised go toward the Culpeper County Recreation Foundation. 

“The money goes back into building recreational amenities for the county,” Riley said. “Right now their main focus is the Culpeper Sports Complex. Their main focus the past few years has been the Bright Spot Inclusive Playground.” 


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