The following are the Culpeper Police Department arrest reports from June 15-28. Reports are provided by the law enforcement agency and do not imply guilt.


June 15

Savannah Elizabeth Leavell, 26, 900 block North Main Street, Culpeper, two counts of revocation of suspended sentence and probation.


June 16

Yolanda Perez, 26, 700 block Sperryville Pike, Culpeper, assault and battery.

Olivia Faith Avery, 23, 3000 block Pumphrey Drive, District Heights, Md., driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of marijuana.


June 17

Dustin Rogers Quirante, 28, 200 block Birdie Road, Locust Grove, distribute/sell for profit schedule I/II substance and possession of schedule I/II controlled substance.

Lawrence Reginald Curtis, 47, 400 block Virginia Avenue, Culpeper, profane or threatening language over public airway.

William Joseph Green Jr., 54, address unknown, Culpeper, two counts of schedule I/II controlled substance.

Paul Ian Hicks Thoms, 31, 600 block Rocky Knoll Arch, Culpeper, trespass after being forbidden to do so.


June 18

Erin Sierra Greenwood, 42, 3900 block Old Farm Drive, Elkton, four counts of shoplift or alter price/conceal goods less than $500.


June 19

Melody Crystal Moran, 36, 20300 block Sunset Hill Road, Lignum, two counts of forging or utterring.


June 20

Brian Tyrone Walker Jr., 18, 1000 block Longview Lane, Culpeper, carrying concealed weapon and receiving stolen or aiding in concealing firearm, and contempt of court.


June 22

Shawn Adam Jones, 28, 1900 block Leaflin Lane, Culpeper, two counts of revocation of suspended sentence and probation, failure to appear and giving false identity to law-enforcement officer.

Brandon Lamar Simpson, 33, 15100 block Hall Street, Culpeper, driving after forfeiture of license.

Katherine Ann Sprouse, 57, 15200 block Madison Run Court, Gordonsville, petit larceny.


June 23

Nicole Carol Mallory, 35, 12200 block Fox Glade Lane, Rixeyville, possession of controlled substances.

Travis Wayne Jenkins, 32, 100 block Rogers Lane, Culpeper, possession of controlled substances.


June 24

Bonnie Kay Phillips, 51, 400 block Covington Street, two counts of manufacture, sale and possession of a controlled substance.

Carols Ramone Hackley, 28, 400 block E. Chandler Street, assault and battery on a family member and possession of marijuana.

Jessica Jane Edwards, 51, 9800 block Gaffney Court, Chesterfield, unlawful damage to monument with no intent to steal.

Sedrick DeVaughn Green, 44, 100 block Jenkins Avenue, Culpeper, possession of marijuana.

Toby Randall Fincham, 45, 13100 block Red Oak Road, Orange, possession of controlled substances and possession of marijuana.


June 25

Helen Marie Banks, 50, 100 block East Davis Street, Culpeper, revocation of suspended sentence and probation.

Edwin Lopez, 28, 300 block Monticello Avenue, Culpeper, driving under the influence of alcohol.

Rubi Laredo Gomez, 44, 900 block Fairtree Lane, Culpeper, enter property to damage, etc.


June 26

David James McBroom, 52, 18000 block Picadilly Circus, Culpeper, drunk in public with profane language.


June 28

Angel Licona Escota, 22, 1500 block Harrier Lane, Culpeper, drunk in public with profane language.

Edward Adam Lewis, 32, 1300 block Belle Avenue, violate protective orders and assault and battery on family member.

Stacy Nicole Summers, 28, 1100 block Meander Drive, Culpeper, drunk in public with profane language.

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