The following are the Culpeper Police Department arrest reports from April  27-May 10. Reports are provided by the law enforcement agency and do not imply guilt.


April 27

Demetrius Alexander Higgins, 32, 2100 block Cottonwood Lane, Culpeper, contempt of court.

Andre Jacory Frye, 41, 9000 block Strother Lane, Culpeper, conspiracy to commit felony.

Kolby Sage Morris, 25, 300 block Harper Drive, Orange, conspiracy to commit felony, breaking and entering with intent to commit felony and petit larceny.

Howard Vernon Settle, 39, 1600 block Fray Street, Culpeper, revocation of suspended sentence and probation.


April 28

Eseras Xol Chub, 25, 1800 block Picadilly Circus, Culpeper, assault and battery on a family member.

Jennifer Lynn Mann, 39, 800 block Willis Lane, Culpeper, petit larceny.


April 29

Marlo Suzanne Johnson, 48, 23000 block Rapidan Road, Mitchells, three counts of revocation of suspended sentence and probation.

Jamar L. Jackson, 18, 8000 block, Beach Channel, Rockaway Beach, N.Y., possession of marijuana and manufacture, sale or possession of fictitious operator’s license.

James Lawrence Price, 62, 9000 block Roys Lane, Culpeper, possession of alcohol by interdicted person.

Eduardo Geovani Lopez-Gracia, 500 block First Street, Culpeper, driving under the influence of alcohol, drinking while driving or open container and no driver’s license.


April 30

Jimmie Ray Charapich Jr., 60, 3000 block Railroad Avenue, Fairfax, stalking.

Anthony Ray Webb, 25, 500 block Tibbs Shop Road, Brightwood, drunk in public with profane language.

Diane Denise Dodson, 52, 100 block S. West Street, Culpeper, driving under the influence of alcohol.

Jose Pablo Fernandez Nova, 19, 500 block Windermere Drive, Culpeper, possession of marijuana.


May 1

Catherine Dale Brown, 18, 25000 block Eleys Ford Road, Lignum, concealment/price alter of merchandise less than $500 and intentionally preventing a law enforcement office from arresting.


May 2

Santi Ramirez, 29, 300 block Lafayette Drive, Culpeper, drunk in public with profane language.


May 3

Brittany M. Kip, 28, 500 block Cadmus Drive, Orange, concealment/price alter of merchandise less than $500.

William Anthony Clark, 27, 600 block W. Gordon Avenue, Gordonsville, concealment/price alter merchandise less than $500.

Charles Washington Burrell, 73, 700 block Belle Court, Culpeper, possession of marijuana and drunk in public with profane language.

Mynor Ricardo Perez Gracia, 27, 1300 block Old Fredericksburg Road, Culpeper, assault and battery on family member.

Mario Pablo Velasquez, 34, 100 block W. Fairview Road, Culpeper, no driver’s license, driving after illegally consuming alcohol and hit and run with personal injury.


May 4

Idaettae Marie Lambert, 35, 800 block Third Street, Culpeper, revocation of pretrial.

William Randolph Clark Jr., 22, 400 block Virginia Avenue, Culpeper, possession of marijuana.

Israel Camacho Velez, 19, 1900 block Peachtree Court, possession of marijuana.

Tyra Lynn Minor, 22, 700 block, Botha Road, Bealeton, possession of marijuana.


May 5

Jack Alan Perry, 40, 500 block Meadowbrook Drive, Culpeper, assualt and battery.


May 6

James Lawrence Price, 62, Oak Park Road, Madison, revocation of pretrial.


May 7

Paul Ian Hicks, 30, 600 block Rocky Knoll Arch, Culpeper, drunk in public with profane language.


May 9

David Christopher Gray, 57, 1300 block Lightfoot Street, Culpeper, two counts of revocation of suspended sentence.


May 10

Jose Bobby Lopez, 27, 800 block N. Aspen Street, Culpeper, possession of schedule I/II controlled substance.

Mitchell Gonzalez Tapia, 18, 2000 block Birch Drive, Culpeper, sale or distribution of marijuana.

Wesley Clay Collier, 29, 200 block Montevista Avenue, Orange, drunk in public with profane language.

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