angie wince

Angie Wince 

Hello! My name is Angie Wince and I am a Culpeper Youth Alumnus. I am currently in my first year at George Mason University. I have recently been accepted to the Mason’s Nursing program and plan to get my bachelor’s in nursing here on the way to my goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. 

Over the past year, I have also worked as a case investigator on the Virginia Department of Health’s COVID Response Team for our health district. 

While the past year of my life has probably been innumerably challenging due to unexpected circumstances that have resulted from the pandemic, it has been the most beneficial in my personal growth.

At the start of the pandemic, I missed long awaited graduations for my high school and associate's degrees and a summer of excitement and opportunity that usually follows. I have also been dealing with ongoing isolation in online learning during the first year of College. Like so many people my age, at first I was filled with this overwhelming frustration at the world and the lack of a broad resolution, but eventually I realized I could gain so much more by changing my own personal outlook. 

In Culpeper Youth, the motivation and perseverance that was cultivated in me helped me to keep pushing forward. I adapted and overcame the many difficulties I faced this year and grew to learn more about myself. Through my work, I felt I was also able to find fulfillment in helping others going through their own difficulties. I have found myself constantly repeating ‘everything happens for a reason’, a sentiment that to me means any difficulty I face is one that is meant for me and one I can use as an opportunity to grow. My hope is that any frustrated readers may be able to remember this thought and be able to foster their own growth mindset the next time they are encountered with a problem that seems as unexpected or unjust as it is frequent in the current climate we are living in. 

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