Anna McFalls

Jan. 8 marked the end of an era for Anna B. McFalls, the director of finance and administrator services for Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services (RRCS). Anna retired after 33 years of service with the agency, leaving behind a legacy that was recognized during a Zoom retirement event attended by approximately 70 staff, peers, family and friends.

Anna earned her degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and is most definitely a die-hard Tar Heel fan!

Her career has been spent in finance, beginning with nine years as an accountant with ITT Teves, followed by her 33 years as the director of finance and administrative services for RRCS, during which time Anna served twice as the organization's interim executive director. She has earned the respect and trust of all who have worked with her, including her staff, senior management, members of the many committees she has either led or been a part of, the board of directors, and external leadership including auditors and the management of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Sciences (DBHDS).

During her retirement event, many shared attributes affirming the legacy she leaves behind. Brian Duncan, RRCS' former executive director, who worked with Anna for 25 years, shared core values and principles that led to her success. Those include personal integrity and a determination to achieve results - values that allowed her to achieve many major goals during her tenure, including CARF accreditation, the implementation of a state-of-the-art electronic health record (which was the largest single change in the history of the agency in terms of the way it does business), and the implementation of a new and integrated software solution for accounting/procurement/payroll/human resources.

Her management staff also shared core values they felt were instrumental in their success under her leadership. The virtual retirement ceremony also included other colleagues, family and friends sharing stories of their time with Anna. Paul Gilding, DBHDS' retired director of community contracting, noted his appreciation of Anna’s expertise, directness, feedback, and advice during the 31 years they worked together. He noted how much he relied on and respected her clear indication of the department's impact on the local level so that he and his colleagues were aware and helpful to the localities.

Jim LaGraffe, RRCS' executive director, expressed the impact of Anna’s fiscal responsibility in ensuring the agency's financial stability, especially amid recent unprecedented times of uncertainty for many organizations. He added that her expertise and long-term planning ensured that the agency experienced no lay-offs or salary reductions. He also thanked her for her efforts in welcoming and orienting him into the agency three years ago.

Bob Weigel, board of directors chair, presented Anna with a Resolution of Appreciation that recognized her accomplishments during her tenure. It was noted that Anna oversaw the development and growth of an agency budget from $7 million at the beginning of her tenure to the current $28 million annual budget. The fiscal integrity of RRCS, as evaluated by independent audits and multitudes of outside reviewers from funding sources, consistently found operations under her leadership to be among the best in Virginia. Not only is she is one of the most respected fiscal and contract officers among the state’s 40 CSB systems. Particularly, the success of RRCS as both a CSB and Area Agency on Aging is in large part attributable to Anna because of expertise in fiscal management, accounting and contract administration.

The retirement meeting concluded by noting that ‘the Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services Board of Directors hereby commends Anna B. McFalls for her decades of work in support of our vision and mission on this occasion of her retirement on this 6th day of January 2021.’

Anna’s impact has been felt throughout the agency and she will be greatly missed! We share in her excitement as she will now have more time to enjoy her family, travel and the many adventures ahead of her!

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