The Culpeper Times is pleased to announce that our second edition Faces of Culpeper placed first in the 2021 slick publication category of the Virginia Press Association’s annual advertising competition for newspapers throughout the state.

This marks the second consecutive year that the publication, which highlights the local faces that make up Culpeper’s thriving business community, received the honor.

Publishing the magazine was a team effort, with project writer Wally Bunker and photographer Ian Chini leading the way. Through the magic of Bunker’s words and the quality of Chini’s photographs, readers are treated to an inside look at the unique stories and faces behind each business.

"Thanks to Wally Bunker's wordsmithing and Ian Chini's keen eye, Faces is a great celebration of Culpeper's hometown entrepreneurs. It's gratifying to see their work honored, along with that of our other team members and advertising partners,” Culpeper Times President Dennis Brack said.

Culpeper Times Publisher Tom Spargur agreed and lauded their efforts, noting that Bunker aptly captured the story of each business.

“Many advertisers said they really enjoyed working with Wally and he was a creative writer that brought out the story they were hoping to share,” Spargur said.

Those stories, Spargur added, were a perfect compliment to Chini’s creative and professional photography that brought life to the magazine.

“We are proud of the entire team that helped make Faces of Culpeper a well-received magazine for Culpeper,” Spargur said, adding that the project would not have been possible without sales executive Audra Dickey and designer Jay Ford.

Faces of Culpeper is available at the businesses featured in the magazine, the Ole Country Store, Full Circle Thrift, the Culpeper Visitors Center and the Culpeper Times. To see the online version, visit

We hope next year’s edition will exceed expectations and anyone interested in featuring their business in the 2022 FACES of Culpeper should contact

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