Goods were stuffed into 15 police vehicles and delivered to the Culpeper Senior Center during the first Pack the Cruiser for Seniors fundraising event hosted by the Culpeper Police Department. 

Citizens recently came out in big numbers to support the Culpeper Police Department’s inaugural Pack the Cruiser for Seniors event in the Walmart parking lot, where 15 police vehicles were loaded with donated goods and delivered to the Culpeper Senior Center.

In addition to $400 in cash, donations included toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, trash bags, pet food, laundry detergent, paper bags, batteries and hand sanitizer. The donations were dropped off at the senior center, where they were passed out the week of Dec. 21.

The event was organized by Master Police Officer Michael Grant, Police Admin Specialist Rebecca Bennett and the community policing division.

Grant said the successful fundraiser is another example of the community’s generosity.

“The Culpeper community is always very giving and supporting of things we do…It’s wonderful to see, especially in today’s time with the way things are going on in the world, that they come out and still donate,” he said.

Grant explained donations were gathered for seniors because they sometimes have a tough time getting out and about.

“Some don’t drive and rely on public transportation. So when they come to town, if something’s not available they just can’t run right back the next day and pick it up…So we decided with this we could get these items and distribute them out and hopefully help them out a little bit,” he said.

Grant said the inaugural fundraiser will continue into the future, adding that the department has a similar spring event during which vehicles are packed with school supplies. He thanked Walmart for hosting the fundraiser and PetSmart for donations.

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