Robert "Bobby" Jenkins

Robert "Bobby" Jenkins

Former Culpeper County High School history teacher and coach Robert "Bobby" Jenkins, 68, died Saturday after a battle with COVID-19.

“The legacy that he left was that people knew that he cared about them,” Mike Jenkins said of his father. “Not that he just cared about them, but the county.”

Mike Jenkins said Thursday his father tested positive for COVID-19 on Sept. 2 while in the hospital but was sent home. Two days later, he was transported back to the hospital via ambulance. His COVID-19 diagnosis progressed into double pneumonia and his kidney’s began to fail on Sept. 10.

His father wasn’t vaccinated, Mike Jenkins said.

“It’s not a political ploy,” he continued. “It’s just a smart decision (to get vaccinated).”

Bobby Jenkins was a graduate of Culpeper County High School, Mary Washington College and the Police Academy. He worked as a history teacher for 18 years, and spent time coaching baseball and football in Culpeper and Caroline Virginia.

“I just know that his heart was always about Culpeper,” Mike Jenkins said. “That was his home, and his goal was always to make Culpeper better.”

Bobby Jenkins’s family wasn’t just those with whom he shared blood, but it was everyone he taught and coached, he continued.

Although never materializing, Mike Jenkins said his father’s goal was to become the head coach of the Culpeper football team.

A celebration of life will be held at Culpeper County High School football field at 7 p.m. on Sept. 18.

The event will feature speakers and music. The 33-yard line will also be illuminated as that was Bobby Jenkins’s number when he played football.

“A lot of people know my dad as a coach,” Mike Jenkins said. “What they don’t remember was that he was daggone good athlete too.”

Bobby Jenkins also served on the Culpeper County School Board for eight years.

“He cared about Culpeper. He cared about the people in it,” Mike Jenkins said. “Hopefully, that’s what they remember him by.”

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Joe Homas

Neither his weight nor any other condition Bobby Jenkins may have had killed him. Plain and simple, Covid killed him, but so, too, did his lack of critical thinking.

Anyone refusing vaccines with proven efficacy against a virus known to be lethal is foolhardy at best or pursuing what amounts to passive suicide at worst.

I hope that others can take Mr. Jenkin’s death as a sign that the risk of following his path is simply too great.

If you care a whit about your life or can acknowledge the fact that others may not only miss you, but depend on you, please put your pride and doubts aside and go get the shots.

They’re free, with side effects nowhere near as bad as dying.

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Ed Pa

Thanks for continuing the false narrative. If those he came into contact with or he had been vaccinated, he likely would have survived. Weight is a factor but vaccination status is far more important. And it's no experimental.

John Dutko

You know what? This could have been prevented.

People won't learn from others mistakes until it affects them personally. And in this guys case, it was too late.

Now he another statistic that people will gloss over.

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