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Nick Freitas, the Republican candidate in Virginia's 7th Congressional District race, addresses the crowd at a Saturday rally in Culpeper. He is running against Democratic incumbent Rep. Abagail Spanberger in Tuesday's election. 

Republican Virginia Del. Nick Freitas, who hoped to unseat Democrat Abigail Spanberger from her seat as the 7th Congressional District’s representative, took to Facebook on Thursday afternoon to address the results of the race in which his opponent has claimed victory.

Unofficial Virginia Department of Elections results show razor-thin margins in which Spanberger has garnered 230,893 votes, or 50.82%, compared to Freitas’ 222,623, or 49%. Additionally, 823 write-in ballots have been counted.

“The practical result is that the outcome of the election will probably not change here in the 7th. But that does not mean we should stop investigating to ensure the integrity of our elections,” Freitas stated on his official Facebook page.

While the post does not appear to be a concession, Spanberger claimed victory one day after Election Day and The Associated Press has called the race in her favor. 

Since Election Day, Freitas notes that his team “has been observing the post-election canvasses, provisional ballot hearings, and working to ensure that every legally cast vote is counted.”

“There have been many irregularities this cycle, and unfortunately we will probably not have access to all of the data we need for some months,” he says.

Freitas also thanks those who supported his campaign by saying that “I truly appreciated the time and effort you put into this race” and “it has been an honor to be your candidate and to fight alongside you.”

“Ultimately our job is to continue to fight for the principles and values we share. I will continue to do so as I know you will also. God speed!” he stated.

Addressing those who have offered to help investigate the results or to help finance a recount, Freitas said “I am asking you to send those resources to those areas where they can have the greatest impact for the country. There is a link below.” That link sends readers to a donation page to help support candidates in Georgia’s U.S. Senate races.

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