Germanna, CIT partner on technology training initiative

Germanna Community College and the Center for Innovative Technology entered into a collaborative agreement in September that will make the college a center for training for technology workers critical to the Virginia Smart Communities Initiative.

The collaboration involves the Virginia Smart Community Testbed in Stafford County. It’s the first Smart City Testbed involving an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, fully integrated with 5G and other new and emerging technologies for Smart Cities around the country. The goal of the Stafford effort is to accelerate smart technology growth in the Commonwealth.

​The testbed is a “shared knowledge platform” to develop practical and relevant smart technologies solutions.

The Virginia Smart Community Testbed is a public-private partnership involving multiple industry partners who will focus on relevant and practical use cases to produce innovative solutions using emerging and smart technologies.

“New technologies both rely on the workforce of the future and can also empower it,” said David Ihrie, chief technology officer for the Center for Innovative Technology, the nonprofit operations arm of the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority.

Ihrie leads Smart Communities initiatives for Virginia.

“This partnership with Germanna exemplifies that relationship,” Ihrie said. “We want to make the capabilities of the Virginia Smart Community Testbed and other resources available to provide real-world experience for Germanna students, but then also learn from them and empower them to put those technologies to work in ways that will improve the world they live in."

"Stafford County is developing with the future in mind," said Germanna President Janet Gullickson. "Stafford's Smart City Testbed will accelerate the technology innovations and growth of Germanna and business and industry. Germanna needs the Smart Community’s shared knowledge and disruptions to be the Digitally Transformed College it plans to be."

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