Germanna Community College police chief praised during difficult time for law enforcement

Germanna Community College Police Department Chief Craig Branchwas presented with the President's Award at the the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police & Foundation Annual Conference in Williamsburg on Aug. 23.

"The last 18 months have been tough for Virginia law enforcement, and it's been difficult to identify just who our champions are. There is one chief who stands out for his steadfast dedication to the profession and whose work deserves recognition,” said VACP President Chief Maggie DeBoard. “Craig Branch is best described as our 'go-to guy. He steps up and has served in numerous positions on behalf of Virginia law enforcement."

Branch has led Germanna's Police Department for 10 years and has over 25 years experience in law enforcement. He's been a member of the VACP Executive Board since 2017 and was elected this year to the position of Third Vice President. Previously, he served two terms as president of the Virginia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators. 

"It is an absolute honor and truly humbling to be recognized by your peers with such a prestigious award," Branch said. "I entered into the law enforcement field under the mindset of giving 100 percent to the profession, this great Commonwealth, and the communities I serve. Doing anything less would bring dishonor to the badge, it's public trust, and all of those law enforcement officers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty." 

Each year, the president of the VACP selects an individual for the award who exemplifies the true police professional – and someone who has been a tremendous asset to the Virginia law enforcement community.

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