Hampton Inn

During your morning commute, you may have noticed a new building pop up. A new Hampton Inn is located on Route 29 and is expected to leave a positive impact on Culpeper.


Hampton Inn is part of the Hilton Hotels Corporation and has locations all over the country, and Culpeper is now added to that list. The hotel opened in April in an optimal spot for visitors and travelers to find a place to stay. This may have contributed to the many guests that have already stayed at this location. Patti Derflinger, the general manager at the new hotel, spoke about the growing popularity of the new hotel.


Our clientele base is picking up here,” Derflinger said, “we anticipate being very busy, especially by the fall.”

Derflinger said the new hotel would have already taken in more customers if there had not been a delay. However, she assures that the delay was only to see to a high quality hotel.


“Hilton has very high standards,” Derflinger said, “ and they held the builders to it.”


Now that the hotel is up and running, Derflinger expects that they will have no problem bringing in customers because of loyalty to the brand.


“Hilton honors members are very loyal, because it's the best honors program in the hotel industry,” Derflinger said. Indeed, Hilton honors program members receive impressive deals, and there are different levels of membership: member, silver, gold, and diamond. Derflinger talked about the special benefits that come with being a diamond member.


“They get all sorts of bonuses staying at these properties,” Derflinger said. Because of these perks, more and more people may decide to stay in Culpeper, even if it’s a little further of a drive.


“They will come this far to be able to get their points,” Deflinger said.


The arrival of the new hotel will boost tourism in Culpeper as well, according to Deflinger. In fact, some guests at the Hampton Inn have already enjoyed visiting the downtown Culpeper area, even though they were only in town for a wedding.


“Our first wedding group was a group from the Netherlands,” Deflinger said, “they absolutely loved old town Culpeper.” Deflinger talked about how Hampton Inn will be working with businesses in Culpeper to boost tourism even more.


“We're going to be working with the local community to get some locally negotiated rates with companies here,” Deflinger said. Other than tourism, the new hotel may also lead to even more business, especially on the outskirts of Culpeper. When asked if the new Hampton Inn will increase business in Culpeper, she didn’t hesitate to say yes.  


“I do believe it will peak interest on this side of town,” Derflinger said. She mentioned that since the hotel can hold up to 100 guests per night, the new hotel could lead to more businesses popping up nearby.

“It would be very smart of someone to maybe put a restaurant there because they're going to, they have, like I said, the potential of 100 guests almost every night,” she said.


Although it has only been a couple of months since the opening of the Hampton Inn, it is clear that the business will be successful. However, what is just as exciting is that Culpeper may be more successful because of the new hotel.


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