Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins discussed the 287(g) program with visitors at the Culpeper County Republican breakfast Saturday, explaining the program and stressing its importance to the community.

Jenkins had just returned from a trip to the White House where he joined 200 other sheriffs in 

bringing awareness to our border security crisis and sanctuary laws. The event was hosted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and allowed lawmakers and administration officials, Angel Families, and sheriffs to speak on personal experiences that affect their communities.

“We are the last line of defense,” Jenkins said in relation to illegal immigration.

Jenkins addressed a recent editorial by challenger C.J. Johnson, calling the research “shoddy” and pointing out the he has a strong relationship with the Hispanic community in Culpeper. He pointed to meeting with day laborers recently and stressing the importance of reporting crimes as he is there to serve and protect them as well.

“To say the Hispanic community doesn’t trust us is not true,” Jenkins said. “We don’t profile. Whether you are here legally or not, we are here to protect you.” 

He pointed out that the 287(g) program is not “street level” and that is a program in the jail to help identify who is here illegally and report them to ICE. He reiterated that four deputies are training and received 120 hours of training, all of it fully paid for by ICE. He explained the area that has been set up in the jail is a former closet space that consists of two computers, a desk and two chairs for deputies to conduct interviews with inmates as they enter the jail. 

Jenkins took questions from the residents assembled, totally about 65, and further addressed any issues they had with the program. 


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