Lego derby



Everything was awesome Saturday morning at Stevensburg Baptist Church during the Awana Grand Prix - a LEGO racing event.

Started by the church’s Awana group and run by lead official Steve Walker, the LEGO race featured more than 30 children racing down the track at Stevensburg Baptist. The first race was held in March and the overwhelming response the church received led them to hosting another to kick off this season of Awana.

Participants were provided a kit of individual wheels, a base and a weight and then were set free with their imaginations, using thousands of LEGOS to bring their creations to life. Assigned to one of six teams, they spent the morning building and then after lunch raced their vehicles down the track.  

“We had a lot of returning folks bringing more people out,” Walker said. “I just enjoy watching the kids play and build and have fun with it.”

Walker said that the Awana program used to use the track for the Pinewood Derby, but those cars can take up to months to build. The LEGO build can be done in one day and the children get the opportunity to take the cars home with them. 

The goal of the program is to have the kids learn about friction, weight balance and how to build a car, while having a competition and getting acquainted with the church staff. 

“We want the kids to be on a team, interact with each other and let parents have time to play with their kids - that’s what Awana is all about, growing together,” Walker said. 

Stevensburg Baptist pastor Phil Walker, relishes the opportunity to have the children become a bigger part of the church. 

“The goal is to have the kids have fun and it’s an outreach basically for kids to get familiar with our church,” Phil Walker said. “The ultimate goal is to familiarize people who don’t come to our church to meet us and see the fun that we have and maybe have them come on Sunday night for an Awana meeting.”

The church’s Awana program is held Sunday nights from 5 to 6:30 p.m. 



Speed Winners:

PreK - Sophia Baxley

K-3rd - Connor Trickett

4th-6th - Zechariah Brown

Open (7th+) - Robert Upton


Design Winners:

PreK - Jack Jones

K-3rd - Benjamin Dysart

4th-6th - James Kamphuis

Open (7th+) - Tyler Walker


Commander's Choice: Magnolia Dysart

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