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Dear editor, 

To all you people who have or have recently bought guns for whatever reasons, be aware, Joe Biden, in numerous advertisements and news casts, has stated that if elected, on day one, he is taking all AK-47’s, AR-15’s and all extended magazines from everyone. In another scene he has his arm around Beto [O’Rourke] (an avowed gun hater) saying, “and this is the guy who is going to take them.” Biden and Harris have both said they want guns taken away.

So for those who don’t have any AK’s or AR’s, just remember that other guns can be included later. The joke about the camel’s nose under the tent. If you believe in the 2nd amendment and your rights, I would suggest you vote for Trump.

Robert Lehmann


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How come they never explain just how they intend to pull this blatantly unconstitutional act of removal of private property? Wonder how many citizens (not subjects) of this great country will just hand over their very expensive property because other citizens do not like it - thinking that show of hands will be exceptionally small.

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