I say this every year…Culpeper is a wonderful, caring place to live, but especially during this most unprecedented time. We, as a community, are benevolent to those most in need, especially our elderly, our disabled, our needy children, our homeless, and our working low-income families who work every day but still struggle to make ends meet.

Culpeper Human Services receives federal and state funding for heating and cooling assistance, but each year these funds continue to be reduced. Because of the high need, but low funding, Culpeper Human Services created our own local program called “Keep A Family Warm” to continue to help individuals and families. “Keep A Family Warm” gives assistance to families who do not have power in their homes for heat, but also to help power other things like medical equipment including power for nebulizers and oxygen tanks, refrigeration for diabetic medications, cooling devices like fans for the elderly just to name a few situations. We coordinate with our community partners such as Columbia Gas, Dominion Energy, Quarles and area churches to avoid duplication and to maximize our donated dollars.

In calendar year 2019, the community donated $4,740.00 to Keep A Family Warm. In calendar year 2020 so far, the community has responded by donating $6,959.00. For this, we thank you! You have helped us serve many local people who need help right here in Culpeper.

Unfortunately, there are individuals and families who struggle to keep their homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer and we need your continued support. Culpeper Human Services (CHS) is asking that you consider making a monetary contribution to our “Keep A Family Warm” program to continue to assist these families and be a part of the good will of the season. And only if you yourself have the ability to do so.

All money donated goes directly to help those in need, and no money is used for administrative costs. Can we count on you to be part of this effort? Any amount will be greatly appreciated not only by us but especially the recipients. If you are so inclined, please send your tax-deductible donation to: Culpeper Human Services, ATTN: Doris Clatterbuck at P. O. Box 1355, Culpeper, Virginia 22701. Please know that your contribution will help make our community a better place for everyone. We ask that you indicate “Keep A Family Warm” on your check in the memo section and a receipt will be mailed to you. Thanks for your kind support and we wish you and yours a very safe and happy holiday season.

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