This fall, voters in the Cedar Mountain District (Pearl Sample, Mitchells, and South Ridge Precincts) have an opportunity to vote for a change on the Board of Supervisors. I support David Durr for this position.

David came to Culpeper in 2007 to be the general manager of the Culpeper Farmer’s Cooperative. His qualifications for that job included a lifetime in the agriculture industry, an MBA from Mt. Saint Mary’s University, and a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from Oklahoma State University. 

He quickly became known as a leader. In 2008, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce. He became chairman in 2013. Ask any member of the Culpeper Business community, and they will likely count David Durr as a friend and reliable advisor. David Durr’s connection and service to our county does not stop with his business ties.

David Durr serves on the Culpeper County Agricultural & Forestall District Advisory Committee. Agriculture is one of the largest drivers of the Culpeper economy, employing our citizens both directly on farms and indirectly in supporting businesses, such as trucking and other services.

Many people know David and his wife, Joanne, for their tireless efforts on behalf of numerous non-profit organizations. This is how I came to know David — as a member of the Culpeper Mid-Day Lions. He is also past board vice president of the Museum of Culpeper History and currently serves as museum treasurer. David is a trustee of Masonic Lodge 43 located on Davis Street. David volunteers at the Culpeper Food Closet and helps me during my monthly turn preparing food at Manna Ministry.

Early voting begins Sept. 17. Election Day is Nov. 2. Please join me in supporting David Durr for Cedar Mountain representative on the Culpeper Board of Supervisors.

Henry “Hank” Milans


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