Sheeba Assad, ND, left and Sagar Verma, MD, middle present a $5,000 check to the challenge's 2018 winner Selena Woodson. 

Lifestyle Physicians is kicking off its 6th Annual Weight Loss Challenge, a program that encourages weight loss through highly individualized health regimens.

Participants receive individualized weight loss programs after they undergo an extensive physical exam, extensive lab work, metabolic rate testing, and EKG.

The program is supervised by Dr. Sagar Verma, the only board-certified obesity medicine specialist in the Culpeper and Warrenton areas. Katie Barchas Wilson, a Lifestyle Physicians marketing specialist, noted that Verma has gotten people off of blood sugar medication and even cured some patients' diabetes.

The variety of tests conducted allow each weight loss solution to be specific to the individual. The lifestyle program will involve either meal plans or meal replacements, HCG injections, lipo-tropic injections, B12 injections, weight loss IVs and or FDA-approved appetite suppressants.

Jan. 16 is the last day to register by calling 540-680-2426 or by visiting There is no registration fee and insurance is accepted. This year, the male and female winner will each get a $2,500 prize.

“During this year's quarantine, many people have either been able to focus on weight loss, or found themselves gaining more weight. The popular challenge is the perfect way to safely shed the weight under a physician's care during the 8 week program,” a Lifestyle Physicians news release states.

Wilson explained weight loss programs should be specific to an individual's needs “because why I retain weight may be different than why you retain weight.” She said obesity can be caused by a variety of issues ranging from metabolism to emotional eating to thyroid issues.

“There’s no one size fits all at all...It’s really customized to you, your needs and your body from a physician’s standpoint,” she said.

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