As the Culpeper area transitions from the COVID-19 challenges, the Greater Piedmont Realtors Cares Committee recognizes there are many community organizations that still need help.

Greater Piedmont Realtors, a nonprofit trade association covering four rural counties in Virginia, has a “Cares Committee” that plans and organizes fundraisers and donations for a variety of needs in the community. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year, they chose to help those vulnerable – the elderly. 

When the Greater Piedmont Realtors Care Committee contacted the nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the area, the response was immediate and enthusiastic. Due to the pandemic, the people living in such facilities could not have family come visit or even visit much with others in the same facility. These seniors were isolated. 

The Greater Piedmont Realtors Care Committee ascertained what was needed and immediately began collecting donations of funds and goods, as well as, writing personal notes to the residents. Over the next several weeks, the Realtors provided carloads of puzzle books, crayons, playing cards, food and snacks, toiletries, Bingo prizes, note pads and more to 11 local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

The thank you notes, letters, and smiles from the residents were overwhelming. Again this year, the Greater Piedmont Realtors Care Committee delivered the food and goods right before the July Fourth holiday and included a patriotic flag and individual baggies filled with gifts such as lotion, hand sanitizer, tissues, note pads and pens, chap stick, nail files and other “goodies” to eight local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

This year was extra special because the Committee had some limited opportunities to interact with the residents and personally deliver the gifts. Their appreciation, smiles, thank-you calls and notes made it all worthwhile.

“When called to help, I am always amazed and overjoyed by the participation of my fellow Realtor community,” said Becky Miller, president of the Greater Piedmont Realtors. “It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that I thank our members for their donations of time, money, and supplies.

“As your business or organization looks for ways to help or give back to the community, keeping those less fortunate or vulnerable in mind makes a difference for you and them,” she said.

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