Catalpa District

3/1: Boyce, Brett L and Other to Fewell, Mark E and Wife; 5.00 acres located near Homeland RD, $77,375

3/29: A & J Culpeper LLC to Berkebile, Jenny B and Husband; 2.42 acres located at 12009 Sperryville Pike, $280,000


Catalpa Town District

3/6: Dixon, John and Wife to Breezy Knoll Residential Care LLC; multiple parcels located near Fairview RD and Lewis ST, $295,900

3/12: Kincheloe, Joseph C to Hoocan Enterprises LLC; .43 acres located near Old Rixeyville RD, $20,000

3/18: MTGLQ Investors LP to Sherrill, Neil L; .45 acres located at 1311 Monarch ST, $239,900

3/19: Kincheloe, Joseph C to Brock, Robert Mark; .41 acres located at 1102 Old Rixeyville RD, $190,000

3/28: Fotenos, Jane to Fossen, Merle; .26 acres located at 1010 Nottingham ST, $149,000


Cedar MTN District

3/1: Button, Ruth O to Brenco Properties LLC; 3.68 acres located near Old Orange RD, $85,800

3/1: Proko, Daniel and Other to Mahmood, Mohammad Hassnat; .14 acres located at 12041 Live Oak DR, $346,000

3/6: Pearce, Terry J II to Baca Caballero, Haydy F; .55 acres located at 19536 Williams DR, $236,250

3/8: Trigon Homes LLC to Wing, Michelle Lynn Stillwagon; 1.82 acres located at 9515 Blackbird Loop, $509,437

3/12: Timmermann, Craig W and Other to Waddle, Vicki Jo-Lynn; .38 acres located at 11941 Field Stone BLVD, $335,000

3/19: New Vavin Properties INC to Westco Builders INC; 1.01 acres located near Equestrian LN, $90,000

3/22: Rizik, Jacob and Wife to Santos, Eduardo L and Others; 1.10 acres located at 9444 Blackbird Loop, $348,850

3/29: Fray, Jackson to Simmons, Audrey C and Husband; .22 acres located at 11931 Field Stone BLVD, $310,000

3/29: May, Otis B JR and Wife to Jenkins, Karington B and Other; 2.78 acres located at 10212 Hudson RD, $200,000

3/29: Lunsford, Josh and Wife to Carter, Andrew Scott and Wife; 1.75 acres located at 11389 Rotherwood DR, $390,000

3/29: Painter, JoAnna to Eatmon, Billy D and Wife; 3.49 acres located at 8358 General Winder RD, $327,500

3/29: Moore, William R to Chapman, Richard L and Wife; .17 acres located at 11924 Field Stone BLVD, $289,900


Cedar MTN Town District

3/19: Wicka, Ryan P and Others to Downs, Darren and Wife; 1.31 acres located at 214 Elizabeth ST, $245,000


East Fairfax District

3/1: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Curtis, Lester E JR and Wife; .23 acres located at 729 Saddlebrook RD, $284,999

3/1: K & M Properties LC to NVR INC; multiple parcels located near Tulip Poplar DR and Walnut Branch DR, $150,000

3/1: Lindsay, James Randolph to Jenish, Timothy R and Wife; .30 acres located at 1130 Hiden AVE, $140,000

3/5: Henson, Aaron and Wife to Johnson, Alvenia; .24 acres located at 2483 Post Oak DR, $306,250

3/11: Little Monkeyhead LLC to Piedmont Manager LLC; .11 acres located at 125 E Locust ST, $200,000

3/12: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Wakilzada, Neseer A and Wife; .28 acres located at 709 Saddlebrook RD, $439,685

3/12: K & M Properties LC to NVR INC; multiple parcels located near Chestnut DR and Walnut Branch DR, $150,000

3/13: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Morris, Bradley and Wife; .34 acres located at 746 Saddlebrook RD, $357,960

3/19: K & M Properties LC to NVR INC; multiple parcels located near Chestnut DR & Walnut Branch DR, $300,000

3/22: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Hurley, Andrew C and Other; .66 acres located at 722 Saddlebrook RD, $449,941

3/25: Monroe, Lawanikia Monise to Reed, Trinnie and Other; .12 acres located at 1908 Meadow Lark Dr, $275,000

3/26: Shonkwiler, Keith E to Jarrells, Jeffery G and Wife; .49 acres located at 834 Kingsbrook RD, $460,000

3/26: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Simpson, Harry Milton JR and Wife; .64 acres located at 730 Saddlebrook RD, $333,174

3/26: NVR INC to Umanzor, Jose Mario and Other; .26 acres located at 2304 Butternut LN, $262,775

3/27: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Adkins, Angela Gayle; .23 acres located at 733 Saddlebrook RD, $321,881

3/27: NVR INC to Humphrey, Antoine and Other; .30 acres located at 2312 Tulip Popular DR, $320.000

3/27: Thu, Kyaw and Wife to Glymph, Samuel III and Wife; .18 acres located at 1900 Gold Finch DR, $299,000

3/29: rogers, Samuel A and Wife to Diaz Chavez, Camilo; .19 acres located at 620 Clubhouse Way, $252,000


Jefferson District

3/1: Jones, Mark L and Wife to Crosswhite, Michael E and Wife; 3.00 acres located at 1229 Jason LN, $294,500

3/4: Garmer, John E II and Wife to Loveless, John and Wife; 1.35 acres located at 2352 Brighton PL, $411,500

3/4: Hawes, Wendy A to Andrew J Crockett INC and Other; 18.98 acres located near Crookes Farm RD, $180,000

3/5: Pentecost, Lydia L to Galvez, Isidro JR and Wife; 1.08 acres located at 1354 Freeman DR, $393,000

3/11: O’Grady, Patrick A and Wife to Scott, Derek A and Wife; 1.07 acres located at 3411 Southampton DR, $370,000

3/13: North Jefferson LLC to Mcvea, Michael T and Wife; 1.05 acres located at 18130 Springs RD, $296,000

3/18: Keddie, Regis L III and Wife to Bryson, Morgan P and Others; 22.21 acres located at 16401 Ryland Chapel RD, $562,500

3/18: JP Morgan Chase Bank National Assoc to Custom Specs Builders Incorporated; 1.04 acres located at 5340 Scottsville RD, $199,300

3/18: Basham, Linda K to Seymour, John E SR and Others; 6.00 acres located at 9179 Settle School RD, $308,000

3/18: Jewell, Lisa C and Other to McCutchen, Michael R and Other; 3.00 acres located at 6217 Waterford RD, $245,650

3/18: Abel, Darlene M to Jones, Mark L and Wife; 1.00 acre located at 2215 Somerset DR, $445,000

3/19: Jenkins, James A and Other to Digirolamo, Richard L; 5.00 acres located at 2376 Atkins TRL LN, $405,000

3/19: Gustavas, Stefanie Jade to Kelly, Grace E B and Husband; multiple parcels located near Oak Shade RD, $425,000

3/19: Lapane, Lisa to Ducan, Wilson Lee JR; 3.00 acres located at 19225 Springs RD, $324,900

3/19: Drewry, David R and Wife to Shappenfield, Philip J; 5.00 acres located at 16392 Oak Shade RD, $299,900

3/27: McGraw, Jason Lee and Wife to Fill, Thomas C and Wife; 1.05 to 3155 Southampton DR, $412,000


Salem District

3/1: J & E Holdings LLC to Thornhill, Patrick McKee and Wife; 2.01 acres located at 6028 Boston Ridge CT, $379,000

3/14: Real Estate Assets LLC to Piedmont Red LLC; 2.02 acres located at 14794 Reva RD, $156,000

3/15: Edwards, Erin Timmons to Bennett, Irvin N JR and Wife; 15.15 acres located near Reva RD, $48,480

3/19: Tutt, Stacy Leo III & Michele D to Abed, Hakam and Other; 2.25 acres located at 14064 Norman RD, $10,000

3/19: Miscellaneous Real Estate Investment Properties LLC to Daniels, Deborah and Husband; 1.17 acres located at 10152 Lake Crest PL, $369,000

3/22: Price, Leland E and Wife to Volhard, Wendy; 2.03 acres located at 15198 Rillhurst DR, $700,000

3/25: Olsen, Rex M and Wife to Simmons, James Arden and Wife; 5.00 acres located at 5891 Riverbend LN, $275,000

3/26: Wohlhueter, James to Gardner, Vernon II; 1.42 acres located at 9324 Old Turnpike RD, $229,000

3/27: Hively, Christopher D and Wife to Lehmer, William E and Others; 3.01 acres located at 13594 Highland DR, $389,000


Stevensburg District

3/1: Brown, Mark D and Other to Neal, Norman Clinton; 10.00 acres located near Trotting TRL, $84,500

3/1: Patriot Land Group INC to Mullen’s Properties LLC; 1.56 acres located at 16177 Marathon DR, $1,115,814

3/1: Equity Trust Company Custodian to McCommons, Jeremiah C; 13.32 acres located near Wanza RD, $28,600

3/5: EMK Investments LLC to Carpenter, Michael G; 1.64 acres located at 24155 Revercomb RD, $160,000

3/11: Jefferson Homebuilders INC to Bingham, Walter B and Wife; 4.00 acres located at 2405 ST John PL, $328,750

3/12: Brown, Mark D and Other to Stanley, Justin Dale and Wife; 10.00 acres located near Trotting TRL, $84,900

3/12: Adams, Kelly A to Stage, Clarence Irvin and Wife; 5.00 acres located at 21218 Walkers LN, $315,000

3/12: Pardee Virginia Timber 2 LLC to Silva, Ramiro Solis; 23.81 acres located near Wade TRL, $110,000

3/14: Jones, John Robert to Caliber Homebuilder INC; 3.20 acres located near Jonas RD, $62,700

3/14: Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Cedar Homes Investments LLC; 4.19 acres located at 25028 Dorsey PL, $205,200

3/15: NVR INC to Ferguson, Sean M and Other; .47 acres located at 14611 Manorwood DR, $352,979

3/18: Shockley, Melinda L to Todd, Christina Marie; 9.99 acres located at 24025 Zachary Taylor HWY, $249,000

3/18: Trustees of the Louisa United Church to Rockwood Homes INC; 5.00 acres located near Eleys ford RD, $63,000

3/18: Red Lantern Construction Corp to Leake, Joshua M and Wife; 3.03 acres located at 16191 Jonas RD, $415,000

3/19: Hathaway, Milton G and Other to Broyles, Robert and Other; 3.00 acres located at 12062 Pond View CT, $302,500

3/19: Hunnicutt, Jeff S to Schwab, Michael P; 3.38 acres located at 18114 Brenridge DR, 385,000

3/20: Wilkins, JoJuana and Others to Corbin, Stephen W; 1.72 acres located at 24428 Eleys Ford RD, $70,000

3/22: Bolt, Robin and Other to Zwilling, Richard Henry II and Other; 7.93 acres located at 22106 Yellowbottom RD, $425,000

3/25: NVR INC to Lyon, Mark W and Other; .46 acres located at 14614 Manorwood DR, $395,255

3/25: AHNV LLC to Fox Meadows Investment Company LLC; 5.08 acres located at 17809 Jackson Pines LN, $87,200

3/25: Fox Meadows Investment Company LLC to Dillinger, Robert W; 5.08 acres located at 17809 Jackson Pines LN, $419,900

3/25: Srour, Farid and Others to Payne and Payne; 18.34 acres located near Glen Ella RD, $95,000

3/26: NVR INC to Brown, Dennis A and Wife; .46 acres located at 14605 Manorwood DR, $389,074

3/27: CMH Homes INC to Duff, Stacy L and Husband; 2.94 acres located at 25265 Milam Ridge RD, $303,250

3/27: Duckworth, Andrew Brett to Wohlhueter, James D; 1.48 acres located at 11016 MT Zion Church RD, $298,900

3/27: NVR INC to Lawerence, Marcus Kevin; .46 acres located at 14613 Manorwood DR, $465,118


West Fairfax District

3/1: Bradley, Lindell A and Wife to Monroe, Charles; Townhouse located at 856 Persimmon PL, $212,000

3/4: Wilson, Stacey to Webb, Larry; Townhouse located at 952 Longview LN, $213,000

3/4: Malik, Muhammad and Wife to Breitenbucher, Gabrielle and Wife; .25 acres located at 876 Ambleside DR, $343,000

3/19: Lane, Stephen L and Wife to Desko, Francis J and Wife; .22 acres located at 2036 Golf DR, $465,00

3/27: Armstrong Kearney Properties LLC to Gabriel Alonso, Jacoved D; .15 acres located at 800-A Third ST, $122,000

3/27: Eatman, Billy D and Wife to Maynard, Elizabeth; .35 acres located at 1143 S Blue Ridge AVE, $285,000

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