These property transfers for May 2020 were provided by the Culpeper County Assessor’s Office. Appreciation is extended to W. Jason Kilby and his staff. 

May Top Dollar Deal: Jefferson District, $750,000. The printing of this list is made possible by ReMax Crossroads of Culpeper. Total: 86

Catalpa District

5/4: Arehart, Mary F to Rice, Jason Alan and Wife; 3.09 acres located at 13545 Eggbornsvile RD, $585,000

5/11: Jefferson Homebuilders INC to Cortese, Christopher Thomas and Wife; 5.68 acres located at 11284 Anna CT, $336,675

5/12: Green, Linda J to Manko, Amber Lee; 10 acres located at 4612 Holly Springs RD, $550,000

5/12: Country View Homes LLC to Boone, Sidney Ellen and Other; 9 acres located at 12422 Stonehouse Mountain RD, $369,000

5/15: Dougherty, Michael S to Viel, Matthew G and Wife; 10 acres located at 11063 Stream Side LN, $425,000

5/19: Lacy, Wilfred E to Gardner, Zachery P and Wife; 3.54 acres located at 11475 Alum Springs RD, $245,000


Catalpa Town District

4/2: Fellows, Katie T to Workhorse Investment Group LLC; .17 acres located at 1105 Jackson ST, $165,000

4/7: Nacif, Daniel E to Rooney, Caitlin and Other; .49 acres located at 1118 Old Rixeyville RD, $244,000

4/27: Brock Brothers LLC to Kirchner, Charles V and Wife; 7 acres located at 218 Griffith DR, $450,000


Cedar MTN District

5/4: Dibble, Frederick C to Morgan, Chris; .55 acres located at 20077 Williams DR, $283,000

5/5: Stein, Charles A and Wife to Kilbourne, Todd and Wife; 3 acres located at 19132 John William PL, $495,000

5/11: Burris, Craig M and Other to Hirschberg, Michael Joseph and Wife; .14 acres located at 12124 Majestic PL, $305,000

5/18: Perry, Patrick J JR and Wife to Elkins, Garry S and Wife; 7.55 acres located at 24323 Oak Forest DR, $349,999

5/18: Beachy, David W and Other to Brewer, Brandon; 6.01 acres located near Mortons LN, $25,000

5/19: McKenzie, Susan L to Norris, Robert and Wife; 10.35 acres located near Somerville RD, $40,000

5/19: Jenkins, Michael R and Other to Via, Santa Marie and Other; 3.00 acres located near Stonehouse Mountain RD, $75,000

5/22: Ayers, Frederick C and Wife to Payne, Charles Venable JR; 2.65 acres located at 11092 Pimlico CIR, $380,000

5/22: Spittle, Marvin E and Wife to Brauninger, Don; 1.65 acres located at 11441 Rotherwood DR, $445,000


Cedar MTN Town District

5/7: Boone, Waymon E and Wife to Cozino, Lisa; Townhouse located at 620 Ripplebrook DR, $190,000

5/8: Nunez, Claudia W to Cuozzo, Colleen; Townhouse located at 564 Cromwell CT, $190,000

5/8: Gehin, Anthony Marc and Other to Crook, Kyle James and Wife; .25 acres located at 2305 Maplewood DR, $250,000

5/20: Faulconer, Matthew P and Other to Williams, Michael A and Wife; .19 acres located at 111 Queen Victoria ST, $330,000


East Fairfax District

5/1: Fodness, Rachael R and Husband to Rogers, Charles Edward Lee III and Other; .34 acres located at 602 Fairfax ST, $290,000

5/1: Webb, Rafael and Wife to Fodness, Stanton Richard and Wife; .14 acres located at 2041 Magnolia CIR, $359,900

5/1: Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Heidebrink, Alysa Jean and Other; .15 acres located at 2164 Juniper DR, $379,920

5/4: Flint, David M to Price, Terrance and Other; Townhouse located at 2176 Cottonwood LN, $240,000

5/6: Vaneman, Warren K and Wife to Perez Galindo Elias S and Wife; Townhouse located at 2130 Blue Spruce DR, $250,00

5/6: Price, Oliver to Charm Thai Incorporated; .02 acres located at 202 E Davis ST, $470,000

5/8: Ast, Margret Ehm and Husband to Lupul, Alexandria and Other; .16 acres located at 1803 Finley Dr, $325,000

5/8: Linski, Thomas Kyle and Other to Koglin, Christopher R and Wife; .29 acres located at 810 Palomino C, $355,000

5/18: Saunders, Jonathan D to Jarrells, Michael A; Townhouse located at 1814 Sunflower DR, $245,000

5/22: Small, Mary and Other to Brown Investment Properties LLC; Townhouse located at 1941 Crepe Mytle LN, $220,000

5/26: Petermann, Joan A to Garretson, Eleanor H; .41 acres located at 505 Wine ST, $244,000

5/26: Rhoades, Donald R and Wife to Williamson, Brett; Townhouse located at 2244 Forsythia DR, $229,900

5/28: Rice, Angela and Husband to Acon, Jacob Dylan and Other; .16 acres located at 1807 Finley DR, $340,000

5/29: Pace, Charles Forrest and Other to Station Culpeper LLC; .14 acres located near E Spencer ST, $32,000

5/29: Renewal Associates to Station Culpeper LLC; .26 acres located at 627 E Spencer ST, $96,000


Jefferson District

5/1: Serafine, Christy A to Rittenberg, Scot R and Other; 5 acres located at 15214 Sheads Mountain RD, $420,000

5/1: Phillips, Charles JR and Wife to Bates, Rachel A; Multiple parcels totaling 13.63 acres located at 7236 Lakota RD, $685,000

5/4: Quinn, Richard Marchail to Sayers, John L and Wife; 5.32 acres located at 15110 Black Hill Rd, $495,000

5/4: Kilbourne, Todd and Wife to Ezrre, Nicholas L and Wife; 1.24 acres located at 17219 Tattershall WAY, $475,000

5/4: Collart, Webber I and Wife to Shrout, Doyle JR; 1.07 acres located at 17303 S Cambridge WAY, $505,000

5/5: Crawford, James M and Wife to Runyan, Philip C and Wife; 1.69 acres located at 4178 Lindsay CT, $455,000

5/6: JDC Management LLC to Trummer, Sven; 50.78 acres located near Ryland Chapel RD, $325,000

5/12: Bryan, Tammy Lynn to Wiseman, Shane T and Wife; 20.09 acres located at 16363 Prosit LN, $750,000

5/15: Anderson & Sons Builders INC to Gough, James D and Wife; 7.00 acres located near Black Hill RD, $90,000

5/15: Gallion, George and Wife to Zak-Popik, Judith A and Husband; 1.07 acres located at 2292 Welton Pond CT, $480,000

5/15: Neviaser, Thomas J and Wife to Staton, Donald Barton and Wife; 31.38 acres located at 15093 Rixeyville Lakes CT, $695,000

5/21: Ulf, Richards S to SAB Investments LLC; 19.03 acres located near Colvin RD, $240,000

5/27: Cooper, Samuel I and Wife to Crea, Ariella; 2.91 acres located at 7522 Oak Grove LN, $460,000


Salem District

5/6: Avenir Properties LLC to Hagen, Remington Jerome and Wife; 1 acre located at 10574 Dunkard Church RD, $225,000

5/8: Young, Wendy to Agnew, Erin Leigh and Other; 6.04 acres located at 5194 Hunters Grove LN, $309,900

5/8: Corvin, Roy Lee JR and Wife to Azimi, Mustafa Karim; Multiple parcels located at near Reva RD, $390,000

5/11: McClenahan, Morgan M to Albritton, John E and Wife; 1.15 acres located at 17520 Lakemont DR, $359,900

5/12: Kincheloe, Joseph C to Richardson, Taylor C and Other; 1.16 acres located at 9195 White Shop RD, $270,000

5/12: Mischal, Sylvia M to Reed, Louis and Wife; 9.24 acres located at 8047 Troiano DR, $430,000

5/12: SONA INC to Feaganes, Catherine B and Husband; 2.29 acres located at 10170 Limestone AVE, $492,611

5/14: Viel, Matthew G and Wife to Scrimger, Frederick IV and Wife; 5 acres located at 9166 Dunkard Church RD, $348,500

5/18: Dance, Glenn E and Wife to Royer, Benjamin; 8.01 acres located near Riversong WAY, $80,000


Stevensburg District

5/1: Payne, Rose A to Philbert, Mc Gavy Keeving; 15.69 acres located at 19038 Zachary Taylor HWY, $340,000

5/4: Childress, Valerie Ann to CMH Homes INC; 3.38 acres located near Edwards Shop RD, $55,000

5/7: Curtis, Allen L and Wife to Nolasco Barbosa, Salvador; 2 acres located at 22114 Thoms RD, $159,000

5/11: Ross, Thomas James II to Fai, Jeroline Dubila and Husband; .63n acres located at 12505 Sherwood Forest DR, $343,000

5/21: Progress Homes LLC to Yates, Jeffery; 10 acres located near Eleys Ford RD, $75,000

5/26: Leading Edge Res INC to Mauck, Timothy Isaac; 10 acres located at 21257 Port Rapids RD, $390,000

5/26: Preston, Wayne to Mardeusz, Michael FD; 1.34 acres located at 14056 Westwind LN, $374,900

5/27: Salem Educational Foundation INC to Wolfrey, David D and Wife; 5.31 acres located near Mt Zion Church RD, $80,000

5/29: Penn, Rico to Preston, Thomas; 1.06 acres located at 15686 Bradford RD, $270,000


West Fairfax District

5/1: Godinez Morales, Ramiro and Other to Cuevas, Enrique and Wife; .26 acres located at 521 Greens CT, $200,000

5/4: Harley, Vera M to Mejia, Martinez, Fredis E; .22 acres located at 719 Holly Crest DR, $324,450

5/7: NVR INC to Rowe, Brandon; .24 acres located at 885 Keswick DR, $381,465

5/13: Culpeper Investments LLC to NVR INC; .30 acres located at 813 Keswick DR, $103,000

5/13: Trujillo, Dennis and Other to Duvall, Angela; .17 acres located at 610 Pelhams Reach DR, $325,000

5/14: Hurt, Werter H JR to Daley, Carol S; .23 acres located near W Scanlon ST, $65,000

5/15: NVR INC to Hall, Rikki Vincent; .25 acres located at 853 Keswick DR, $418,350

5/22: Behl, Mukand Lal and Wife to Moore, Ryan Calvin and Wife; .21 acres located at 687 Holly Crest DR, $358,000

5/26: Orr, John W and Wife to Wright, Matthew and Other; .27 acres located at 316 Wayland RD, $277,070 

5/27: Rush, William G to Petrides, Stephen J; .26 acres located at 502 Macoy AVE, $410,000

5/28: Raven Home Buyers LLC to Riverdale/Culpeper LLC; .09 acres located at 114 W Piedmont ST, $149,900

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