There was a lot of drama at Culpeper Middle School last week.

That was due to Culpeper Parks and Recreation Department’s inaugural Drama Camp for Teens performing for four days last week, concluding with a performance for families on Thursday.

Samantha Whitesides, instructor, praised the four students who came out for the first camp - pointing out how quickly they were able to present the four plays based on fables. 

“These guys have whipped this together in 10 hours, and they’ve done a fabulous job,” Whitesides said. 

The performances were based on Fables of Aesop and a Japanese fable involving the moon and included interpretive dance.

The students portrayed monkeys, a fox, a rabbit, trees, an eagle and a tortoise just to name a few. 

“It was a nice group because we have exercises that we did mirroring one another,” Whitesides said. “So having two and two worked very nicely.”

The group played drama games learning movement, voice projection, locations on stage and being in and staying in character. 

“I think because this is a collaborative thing and it’s important to support one another, if one is confident then the others will follow,” Whitesides said. “Once they get the feel of it, they make it their own.”

Jordan Thompson, 14, a 9th grader at Culpeper County High School laughed when he said they enjoyed protesting wearing face paint. 

“I just needed something to do, I love acting and stuff so I thought I’d give it a shot,” Thompson said. 

Caleb Smith, 13, an 8th grade Culpeper Middle School has had experience in school plays and wanted to practice during the summer. 

“I like acting a lot and I always like having more experience,” Smith said. 

Vjorkia Brooks,17, a 12th grader Orange County High School said she enjoys performing in dramas in high school and she knew Whitesides so that’s why she wanted to join the camp. She said it helped her open up in a small group. 

“I feel like in a smaller group it’s easier to fit in,” Brooks said. “This one was kind of special because we were all from different places and the only person I knew was Caleb so it was a whole new group and we have to get along.”

Jillian Gallihugh, 14, a 9th grader at Orange County High School said she enjoyed meeting new people. 

“I’ve done some stuff with acting in the past so this was interesting to me,” Gallihugh said. “It was nice working with other people, I don’t do that much.”

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