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When absolutely everything in your life leads you in a specific direction, you should pay attention and follow that path.  John Bosworth did just that, taking all the ingredients through the years, stirring them in a pot and developing a recipe to educate, inspire and create opportunities for youth.  Bosworth, 24, is the founder and CEO of Love Learning Music, a non-profit organization based out of Nashville, Tennessee that utilizes music to engage and improve lives of individuals and communities.


Bosworth, born and raised in Orange, Virginia, has always been musically inclined.  He has played piano since age seven and as a result of his “creative spirit” he taught himself the flute, drum, guitar, digeridoo and numerous other instruments over the years.  With a desire to leave Orange and spread his wings, Bosworth travelled to Tennessee to attend college and it was then that his focus became clear.


In 2012 Bosworth did his thesis project on the difference that music education makes in the development of children.  “Everything in my life had led to this; my defining moment. I found out that music is the best element to improve the development of children,” said Bosworth.  Beaming with enthusiasm he shared how he met Jesus that same year. “I met Him in person.  I began composing music immediately after and dove head first into music.”


Love Learning Music emerged in 2016 though Bosworth had been developing it since 2012 while working with an after-school music program at the Boys and Girls Club in Orange.  Equipped with two full time staff, eight teachers and fifty volunteers, LLM provides lessons, music therapy and classroom instruction. They provide these outreach services in schools, homes and other requested sites.  “It’s about meeting people where they are, physically and mentally,” said Bosworth. 


While most of their services are tailored for children and youth with special needs, the organization does provide music lessons to adults.  “We can train adults and they can train their kids and then that effect spreads,” said Bosworth. 


LLM has a music education app and Bosworth said they are looking forward to expanding their video resources.  Working with many children and youth with special needs, they will soon include children who have experienced trauma.  Bosworth is in awe when he shares how much LLM has grown since its inception in 2016. With locations in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee the organization is spreading into the Richmond area soon as well as other communities in Virginia. Bosworth said this is the season to build.  “We are currently building on the foundation to franchise,” he said. 






LLM has begun outreach training and initiated an International department this year.  “We already have academies in place in West Africa, Central Africa and in Haiti, Nicaragua and El Salvador.  We are equipping communities to thrive on their own, so they aren’t just dependent on us over here,” said Bosworth.  

Bosworth believes it is key to get the community together.  “Business owners, community members, philanthropists; everyone. To put an education system in place with transition and communication and with music education entwined throughout,” he said.  The vision statement of LLM emphasizes the organization’s drive and says: Youth are our future; with passion, education, and revolutionary resources, we will give all youth opportunities to discover their love for learning and pursue their passions. 


 For further information about LLM or to make a donation, visit



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