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The Town of Culpeper Planning Commission is recommending the approval of a rezoning request that would allow for the construction of 310 housing units in the East Fairfax Magisterial District.

While the Planning Commission during a Tuesday night meeting unanimously recommended that the rezoning of about 60 acres off Laurel Street be approved, the decision is ultimately up to the Culpeper Town Council. The town is slated to hold a November public hearing regarding the matter.

The rezoning request comes from James Treptow, who has presented plans calling for 135 single-family detached units and 175 detached dwelling units.

Town Planner Ben Holt explained the density of the proposed development is similar to the Highpoint development. If approved, he said the construction timeline depends on the developers but it is projected to be built in multiple phases over several years.

If approved by the town, the property would be rezoned from residential estate land, which allows for housing units to sit on about 3 acres, to planned unit development land, which allows for the construction of higher-density housing units.

Holt explained the land was zoned as residential estate land around 2005 “before the housing market crises.”

“That was proposed under the assumption that there would be a market for really large lots and larger homes there,” he said.

More housing construction is planned in the East Fairfax Magisterial District as the Planning Commission on Tuesday also approved Last Chance Properties LLC’s site plan for construction of 44 two- and three-bedroom condominiums on a 3.7-acre lot off Germanna Highway.

The actions come as Holt explained there is a low supply and high demand for housing units, a regional trend that “is certainly prominent in Culpeper.”

“There’s still been a small amount of housing that’s been built each year but it’s been a while since anything has been built in this kind of volume,” Holt said.

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