the pier

The new owners of The Pier, from left, Brooke Lange, Sam Crow, Devin McCallum and Rebecca Gillispie. 


Four women graduated from employees to owners when they purchased The Pier, which they proudly note is the first bar-restaurant combo under sole female ownership in Culpeper’s history.

The four owners - Devin McCallum, Rebecca Gillispie, Samantha Crow and Brooke Lange - range from 25-31 in age and have all worked at the establishment since graduating high school. They consider the Pier home and when the business went up for sale they did not want to see it change for the worse or fall into a stranger’s hands.

There have been slight changes such as a shortening of the name from The Davis Street Pier to what customers always referred to it as in The Pier. The menu has also undergone minor changes but still focuses on American-style seafood offerings and steak. The building is for sale and they hope to purchase it and bring about more changes such as adding an outside deck.

Crow said the partners also want to focus on the fact that The Pier is “a family-style restaurant that can have fun at night.” In pursuing that goal, kids eat for free on Monday. Other activities at The Pier include live music Thursday-Saturday and eventually karaoke on Wednesdays.

When they were employees, Lange explained that the four of them were always brainstorming fun events to host and exciting specials “so it was the perfect time for us to step up and kind of just take over and bring the dreams to reality.”

They are excited to become a part of the downtown business community and thanked other business owners for extending massive amounts of support and encouragement.

The Pier, located at 302 E. Davis St., is open 11 a.m-8 p.m. Sunday and Monday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Tuesday, 11

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