Catalpa District

9/13: Jenkins, Michael R to Beaman, Richard C and Wife; 3.00 acres located at 12378 Heidis Way, $470,000

9/27: Grant, Michael Eric and Other to Settle, Samantha N and Other; 3.16 acres located at 10481 Sperryville Pike, $215,000


Catalpa Town District

9/19: Kandetzki, Walter III and Other to Gonzalez, Audenago Lopez; .16 acres located at 1125 Jackson ST, $155,900

9/24: Erdodi, John to Williams, Franklin; .33 acres located at 1121 Old Rixeyville RD, $129,000


Cedar MTN District

9/12: Jenkins, Sam B JR to Kincheloe, Joseph C; 21.04 acres located at 20111 Camp RD, $250,000

9/12: Broyles, James H and Other to Klein, Jennifer and Husband; 1.04 acres located at 19464 Hickory DR, $269,900

9/17: Rizik, Jacob and Wife to Young, Benjamin R and Wife; 1.08 acres located at 9336 Blackbird Loop, $355,000

9/28: Sisk, Ivan and Wife to Bailey, Robert L and Others; 1.83 acres located at 20397 Miller DR, $309,000


East Fairfax District

9/4: Carden, Travis O and Wife to Caylor, David; .19 acres located at 728 Amanda CT, $245,000

9/5: Lesson Never Learned LLC to Draper, Gary Medford II; Townhouse located at 280 Lafayette DR, $178,000

9/11: Richmond American Homes of Virginia INC to Blackman, Cody Oliveria and Wife; .43 acres located at 609 Electric AVE, $310,794

9/12: Young, Benjamin and Wife to Cooper, Danielle Ashtan and Other; Townhouse located at 2178 Forsythia DR, $249,900

9/14: Smith, Brian and Other to Dohl, Sarah E and Husband; .27 acres located at 726 Kingsbrook RD, $379,900

9/20: NVR INC to Rojo Uribe, Justino ET AL; .29 acres located at 2451 Post Oak DR, $309,990

9/24: Woodward, Ann E to Cole, Eain J; .30 acres located at 420 Azalea ST, $210,000

9/25: Tashjian, Raffi S to Boretos, Heather Alyson and Other; Townhouse located at 2180 Cottonwood LN, $249,000

9/25: Oliver, Cynthia Louise to Whitmer, Sherry Melissa; Townhouse located at 1970 Peachtree CT, $212,000

9/26: Watts, Suzanne Michelle Boren to Heitshusen, Patricia Julia ET AL; .35 acres located at 413 Standpipe RD, $326,000

9/26: Richmond American Homes of Virginia INC to White, John Michael II and Wife; .41 acres located at 713 Electric AVE, $388,266

9/28: Richmond American Homes of Virginia INC to LeLacheur, Duane C; .46 acres located at 714 Saddlebrook RD, $380,060

9/28: 4960 Commerce Drive LLC to Herndon House LLC; .21 acres located at 609 N Main ST, $390,000

Jefferson District

9/4: Boris, Edward J to Simmons, Rebecca; 1.07 acres located at 2031 Somerset DR, $429,999

9/4: Davis, Bryan Keith and Wife to Grimes, David and Wife; 1.05 acres located at 3389 Southampton DR, $440,000

9/5: Hileman, Bettie J to Walker, Timothy and Wife; 1.00 acre located at 17267 Banbury CT, $427,000

9/5: Bower, Bonnie W and Other to Hite, Kristy D; 1.25 acres located at 16297 Black Hill RD, $190,000

9/6: Centex Homes to Saadeh Financial LLC; multiple parcels located near Golf LN, $3,800,000

9/11: Lambert, Esten E and Wife to Hudson, Thomas Mitchell JR and Wife; 1.19 acres located at 2398 Somerset DR, $460,000

9/18: Andrew J Crockett INC to Williamson, Diane Elizabeth and Husband; 1.02 acres located at 15496 Riley School LN, $379,000

9/21: Ashcraft, Lawrence S and Wife to Silveri, Dennis E and Wife; 1.08 acres located at 3410 Stratford DR, $390,000

9/21: Salehi, Morteza and Wife to Lee, F Gordon and Wife; 1.00 acres located at 2496 Donnington CT, $489,000


Salem District

9/4: Johnson, George Howard II and Wife to Hoffman, Joseph F; 5.10 acres located at 16155 Bellevue DR, $347,000

9/4: Pacific Union Financial LLC to Walker, Ronald C; 2.12 acres located at 13584 Reva RD, $190,000

9/7: Miller, Ronald to Marks, Jason J; 3.21 acres located at 10011 Montelago LN, $395,000

9/11: Klein, Stephen G to Palmer Garcia, Sherri L; 1.00 acres located at 9128 Sperryville Pike, $189,900

9/14: Edwards, Barry Eugene and Others to Holmes, Shannon B and Wife; 30.67 acres located near Mountain Run Lake RD, $260,000

9/14: CTS Properties LLC to Kilby, Lance and Other; 3.80 acres located near Covington Home PL, $108,000

9/17: Robles, Isabel to Eggbornsville Properties LLC; .92 acres located at 11558 Scotts Mill RD, $140,000

9/19: Broadway, Virginia E to Settle Excavating & Construction; 2.00 acres located near C L Jackson DR, $50,000

9/19: Caroon, Wayne L and Wife to Williams, David Ray; 1.78 acres located at 10927 Mountain Run Lake RD, $300,500

9/20: Wells Fargo Bank to Avenir Properties LLC; 1.00 acres locate at 10574 Dunkard Church RD, $124,000

9/24: Price, Joe C and Wife to Duarte, Milton Harrinson and Wife; 2.95 acres located at 7522 Noelle RD, $450,000

9/28: Gerganoff, Carolyn Zdravko to Grant, Michael E and Wife; 5.00 acres located at 6847 Sperryville Pike, $349,900


Stevensburg District

9/7: Stickbow LLC to NVR INC; .49 acres located at 14219 Belle AVE, $80,000

9/11: Pardee Virginia Timber 1 LLC to Van Lear, Richard and Other; 9.6289 acres located near Eleys Ford RD, $41,610

9/11: Dermer, Joshua A to Ianve, Krassimir I and Wife; .30 acres located at 19650 Carpenters Branch RD, $100,000

9/17: Brown, William Anthony and Wife to Lancing, Ronald D; .50 acres located at 19249 York RD, $209,900

9/18: Stickbow LLC to NVR INC; .46 acres located at 14619 Manorwood DR, $80,000

9/24: Digges, Brenda C to Kent, Joseph E JR and Wife; 2.17 acres located at 21475 Thoms RD, $215,000

9/25: NVR INC to Coggin, Randy and Other; .54 acres located at 14509 Kingsmill Way, $397,330

9/28: Forrest, Dwayne D and Wife to Robson, Ted H and Wife; 29.75 acres located at 19604 MT Pony RD, $260,000

West Fairfax District

9/5: NVR INC to Page, Benjamin Jackson and Other; .27 acres located at 811 Fairwood DR, $286,057

9/5: NVR INC to Mohan, Surat and Other; .16 acres located at 826 Virginia AVE, $355,000

9/10: Hughes, Harry M JR and Wife to Gilmore, Charles W and Wife; .17 acres located at 830 Mulberry LN, $210,000

9/12: Tenney, Duane P II and Wife to Navarro, Rafael A and Other; .27 acres located at 873 Ambleside DR, $335,000

9/18: Ross, Garrett R and Wife to Nelson, Alexis and Other; Townhouse located at 829 Gallows CT, $200,000

9/18: Rice, Lawrence M to Martin, George William JR and Wife;.21 acres located at 1044 Riverdale CIR, $300,000

9/19: Lil Ragner LLC to Fulton, Eric M; .17 acres located at 209 W Davis ST, $145,000

9/20: Doll, Daniel W ET UX to Malmgren, Maxwell; Townhouse located at 360 Snyder LN, $200,000

9/20: Richmond American Homes of Virginia INC to Walters, Elizabeth A; .30 acres located at 124 Wayland Manor DR, $293,695

9/20: Lewis, Brandon L ET AL to Tyree, Lloyd W JR; .15 acres located at 940 Longview LN, $229,000

9/21: Routt, David C JR and Others to Comstock, Shawn R and Wife; .28 acres located at 810 Deer Chase RD, $375,000

9/21: Donelson, Danny and Others to Ashrifeh, Nawrass; .14 acres located at 117 McDaniel ST, $56,000

9/24: Whitmer, Dennis L and Wife to Rodriguez, Jesus Eulalio; .22 acres located at 817 Lakeland CT, $288,000

9/24: NVR INC to Nixion, Alexandria and Other; .15 acres located at 838 Virginia AVE, $315,254

9/24: Johnson, Adam H to Peterson, Eric and Wife; .35 acres located at 217 Stacey CT, $332,000

9/26: NVR INC to Zimmerman, Max T and Other; .15 acres located at 683 Bloosom Tree RD, $327,410

9/27: Haroldsen, Robert to Miller, David and Wife; Townhouse located at 778 Colonels CT, $200,000

9/27: Mitchell, Page Borst to DRJ Investors LLC; .24 acres located at 311 S West ST, $200,000

9/28: Lakeview/Culpeper LLC to Johnson, Conrad W; .13 acres located at 915 Virginia Ave, $309,000


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