Shawn's BBQ


Shawn and Magdalena Moss are blessed.

The owners of Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ Company opened their third location, this time at 7019 Harrison Road in Fredericksburg, earlier this month.

Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ originally opened in Culpeper in March 2013 and expanded to Warrenton in November 2015. Along with their catering company, which Shawn’s mom Sue started in 1980, they have a lot of successes to celebrate. 

Shawn Moss said that after opening in Warrenton, there was always talk of a third location. He said he had opportunities but the fit just didn’t “feel right.” Then, by chance, he discovered the location in Fredericksburg. His now 12-year-old son Kahner started playing travel baseball in Fredericksburg and through their trips, they kept driving by a vacant spot on Harrison Road.

“I had my eyes on it,” Moss said. “One night sitting in traffic at the light dark outside and the place lit up outside. Kahner says daddy that would be a great spot for a Shawn's BBQ.”

He said the way he has been embraced in Culpeper and Warrenton led him to want to open a third location. 

“Shawn’s may be in the BBQ business but, their joy and commitment is in serving the people of the community the best BBQ in the area,” Moss said. “When we opened in Culpeper I had no thoughts of opening more than one. It was not until after we opened, that our name started to spread and we started getting contacted with opportunities to open more locations.”

He praised his relationship with His Village pastor Erick Kalenga and thanked him for helping give him guidance when it came to deciding on a third location. Now that he has three businesses, how will the always interactive owner split his time?

“My purpose is to glorify God,” he said. “So I have had to step back put my faith and  trust in our teams at each location. So I am able to work on my ministry and my faith to be a better father, husband, and work on the business as a whole.”

He said that the response has been overwhelming in Fredericksburg and thanked everyone for continuing to visit the Culpeper and Warrenton locations.  

“Without you all this would not be possible,” he said.

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