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Tammy Garr, right, co-owner of Shenandoah Garden Spot poses in front of some of the shop’s flowers alongside employees Robin Smith  and Sam Plecker.

When Greg Garr was eight years old, he started selling produce for $5 a day. That experience 44 years ago fostered a love for botany that bloomed into him becoming the proud owner of Shenandoah Garden Spot alongside his wife Tammy.

Shenandoah Garden Spot, which opened its 410 S. Main St. location in 2010, has a plethora of merchandise that could surely acquiesce anyone’s gardening needs. The shop has veggie plants, trees, shrubs, herbs, fountains, succulents, houseplants, pottery and much more. Then there are Shenandoah Garden Spot’s hanging baskets, which Garr said are so great they “put everybody to shame.”

The store’s offerings are produced via a partnership with Mennonite growers in the Shenandoah Valley, who Garr said “knock it out of the park.”

The shop also operates a full-service florist that is available for all occasions from weddings to funerals and everything in between. Garr added that Shenandoah Garden Spot delivers everywhere.

Any non-gardeners should fear not, Shenandoah Garden Spot is here to help. Bring in a photograph of your house, and Garr said staff will provide guidance on how to successfully garden in that location.

“We just tell people to come in and have some fun. We can teach a non-gardner how to be a gardner,” he said.

Anyone needing to purchase a good Mother’s Day gift, look no further.

“Your mama wants you to buy flowers here,” Garr said, adding that Shenandoah Garden Spot will be open 24/7 Thursday-Saturday on Mother’s Day weekend and close at midnight on Sunday. Otherwise, Shenandoah Garden Spot is open 9 a.m.-7 p.m. every day.

Mother’s Day, which is always a big sales weekend for the shop, will continue what Garr said has been Shenandoah Garden Spot’s most successful year of all time. While some businesses suffered during the coronavirus pandemic, he said 2020 “was the best year we’ve ever had in our company by leaps and bounds” and the shop is exceeding that performance so far this year.

Garr credited that success to God, saying “it’s God’s business and we run it the best we can.” He added that staff tries “to do it right everyday” with big smiles on their faces while selling the best possible products.

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