The vintage nest

The Vintage Nest owners Bonnie and Robert Shank.

Treasures of yesteryear are transformed into modern, stylish home décor inside The Vintage Nest. The small business created as a post-retirement dream for Bonnie and Robert Shank, recently reopened in a new location near downtown Culpeper.

Originally opened in October 2019 on Sunset Lane, the store is filled with vintage painted furniture, various home accessories and custom made farmhouse-style furniture, a hobby of Robert Shank. Fifteen local artisans also provide their products to the shop including pottery, home décor, jewelry, candles, wellness products, steel art and more.

​Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and a thriving business, the pair decided not to renew their lease and ultimately closed their doors in September. 

Bonnie Shank admitted she was on the fence about re-opening the shop until she connected with Tabitha Haines, a local artisan, over coffee.

“Bonnie has a desire to make people feel loved,” Haines said. “She wants to make their homes feel like a place family wants to be.”

Prior to re-opening, Haines told Bonnie Shank that the things she wanted most were the things worth fighting for.  

“There is a fight for who we want to be and what we want to do,” she continued. “She needed to fight that fight.”

​After much thought and prayer, Bonnie Shank said the answer was clear when she awoke the next morning.

The Shanks reopened The Vintage Nest adjacent to the Haymarket Bicycles in Southgate Shopping Center on Dec. 1. Customers visiting the shop said the bright signage and the more visible location drew them in.

​The Shanks are delighted with the amount of foot traffic that has come through the door since relocating and re-opening.    

The new shop, ​Robert Shank said, is slightly smaller by square footage but much more open. Many of the artisans who provided their products to the shop in its original location continue to do so. Even several new artisans have come on board. 

Haines, who dabbles in all kinds of things, plans to bring some of her art and décor into the shop one day soon.

With such a variety of local artisans under one roof, the Shanks welcome customers to stop in and support a variety of small businesses in Culpeper.

​“To me, it’s like a new beginning,” Bonnie Shank said. “When you do something new, it inspires you and gives you some added adrenaline.”

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