Coronavirus cases and quarantines are climbing within Culpeper County Public Schools, according to data published by the district.

A weekly COVID-19 report, accounting for Aug. 28 through Sept. 3, confirmed 35 cases among students and nine among staff across all 12 county schools. 

Emerald Hill Elementary School sustained the highest number of confirmed cases with 11 total.

Another weekly report, accounting for Sept. 4-10, confirmed 45 cases among students and 10 among staff. 

Floyd T. Binns Middle School sustained the highest number of confirmed cases with 10 total.

CCPS began publishing a weekly report of the impact of COVID-19 in its schools on Aug. 27.

The first report, accounting for Aug. 21-27, confirmed 28 cases among students and three among staff.

Reports also include the number of students and staff who are newly quarantined due to close contact with an infected person at school or outside of school.

The Aug. 28 through Sept. 3 report showed 258 students in quarantine - 182 from close contact in school and 76 outside of school. Four district teachers entered quarantine, all due to contact with an infected person outside of school.

The Sept. 4-10 report showed 280 students in quarantine - 207 from close contact in school and 73 outside of school. Two district teachers entered quarantine due to close contact in school.

Data collection for the report begins on Saturday and runs through Friday. Reports will be published on Friday afternoons and can be found online at

According to the Virginia Department of Health, there have been 5,620 cases and 70 deaths in Culpeper County.

There were 153 confirmed and 268 probable cases on Sept. 13, according to data from VDH.

Statewide, there have been over 814,000 cases and over 12,100 deaths since the department began to keep track in February 2020.

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Joe Homas

Is it up to each principal, the School Board, or the Board of Supervisors to determine the precise number of Covid-related student or staff deaths that need to occur before everyone goes back to remote learning?

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