Weekly Tarotscope for June 25: 8 OF Wands, Ace of Swords
The 8 of Wands is often thought of as a wild card influenced heavily by accompanying cards, or as an activator to the cards around it. We can also view this card as an initiator of sorts, symbolizing an energy of activation moving swiftly toward a goal or destination.
Sometimes the 8 of Wands represents communications with a lot of back and forth as a solution is being reached. Given the fact that we are in the summer of deep retrograde astrologically speaking, it may be that we’re making big strides toward a goal or the implementation of an idea that’s on an internal plane. Having said that, it’s definitely a message of things moving forward with a tremendous amount of energy to support and back it up. If the purpose is to repair or review the past and to take corrective measures, retrograde seasons support this very much.

Coupled with the Ace of Swords, it seems that we are have a revelation due to this big push of energy in the 8 of Wands. The Ace of Swords represents clarity of mind as we are faced with the realization of a truth. Victory is also a word that comes to mind with this card. When handed the Sword of Truth, we must use it wisely. Swords are related to the mind and how we communicate. These two cards remind us to communicate precisely and truthfully. There’s additional information here about having a breakthrough that comes in the form of a new idea. Swift motion toward justice and cutting through confusion are themes to keep in mind this week.

Cara Cutro is a spirit centered teacher and life coach residing in Sperryville. She is an herbalist, massage therapist, reiki master, intuitive counselor, tarot reader, and the owner of Abracadabra Massage & Wellness and the Wisdom-keepers School. For a full list of services or to setup an appointment with her or one of her team members, book online www.caracadabra.com or call 540-878-7085.

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