Jonathan James, of Xpress Copy & Graphics, paced the floor nervously Monday afternoon.

He kept checking his watch, anxiously looking out the window.

“He’s like a dad waiting on his baby,” employee Tim Hickling said with a snicker.

Then his “baby” arrived - weighing in at a ton capable of printing on 5-foot by 10-foot sheets of paper.

The delivery of the bouncing new toy for Xpress Copy stopped traffic along Business 29 as the crew from Maryland worked to fit into their location 486 James Madison Hwy. Residential Glass had to remove the businesses’ front window to fit in the machine. The nearly two-hour process of squeezing in the heavy machinery was exciting for James, who said his customers have been asking for something like this.

“We’ve had a lot more clients needing signage,” James said. “We wanted to get into doing more unique things like doors, ceiling tiles, flooring tiles. Pretty much, the opportunities are endless.”

Previously, Xpress was printing on two 64-inch roll ins and would print on vinyl, laminate and then it down on substrate. Now, they can print directly to the substrate. 

“It’s going to give it a much crisper image as well because it’s a UV printing process, so once the ink hits there’s a light that follows behind it and dries it,” James said. 

Previously, it took three to five days to print a yard sign. Now, with the VK300D-HS, they can print 200-yard signs in an hour.

James said he wishes this machine was in during the political season.

“We did a lot of them,” James said.

Xpress, which started off in traditional printing, has since traversed into wide formats, promotional items, screen printing and embroidery and now Hickling handles the digital marketing side of the business. 

“The community has been very awesome in supporting us,” James said.

By adding the VK300D-HS, now Xpress Copy has another tool in their toolbox. 

“We’re hoping we’re going to be able to offer more that locals now have to send out for,” James said. “Now we have more control over the color, speed and pricing.”

Steve Willey, installer for Atlantic Graphic Systems, arrived in town Monday and plans to stay the whole week to help get the machine up and running. 

“Probably the most unique thing about this machine is that creates more high quality prints than regular signage,” he said. “There's a lot of quality UV printers in the market but this company comes from a strong pedigree with a lot of experience in the field. They make a user-friendly piece of equipment.” 

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