Carver Center

One of the grants - totaling $199,727 - is to be dispersed to the Carver Food Business Incubator. 

Governor Glenn Youngkin on Tuesday announced more than $1.2 million in Growth and Opportunity for Virginia (GO Virginia) grant awards for four projects focused on innovative workforce development initiatives designed to expand talent pipelines in technology sectors, as well as foster entrepreneurial startups, business development and venture investment.

Two of the awarded grants will bring resources to Culpeper County.

One of the grants - totaling $199,727 - is to be dispersed to the Carver Food Business Incubator. 

Culpeper County will complete a community kitchen by providing crucial specialized equipment, addressing the needs of businesses by adding value to local produce and preparing products for the interstate market. This project will create 93 new jobs, serve 68 businesses, release 35 new products to market and increase sales by 15%.

The second grant will be dispersed to Tech Talent Retention in the amount of $307,800.

The Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development, in concert with various regional partners, will retain college graduates to launch their careers within the Central Virginia region by creating a talent pipeline for higher-paying jobs in Region 9’s targeted technology fields. Student ambassadors will raise awareness about local businesses and educate stakeholders about what students are looking for in choosing their careers. This project will create or retain 55 jobs, in addition to serving 100 businesses. 

The affected communities include Albemarle, Culpeper, Louisa, Madison and Nelson counties and the City of Charlottesville.

“GO Virginia allows us to invest in key projects that will enhance our economic growth by fostering workforce development and stimulating new business opportunities,” Youngkin said. “These projects exemplify the innovative partnerships that GO Virginia grants were designed to promote, driving regional advancement and strengthening our Commonwealth.”

In addition to the awarded GO Virginia funding, the four awarded projects leveraged an additional $745,000 in local and non-state funding.

GO Virginia supports projects that focus on workforce development, cluster scale-up, startup ecosystems, and site and infrastructure development to encourage regional economic growth and diversification.

Since the program’s inception in 2017, GO Virginia has funded 233 projects and awarded approximately $93.7 million to support regional economic development efforts. To learn more about the GO Virginia program, visit

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