Youngkin visits Culpeper

Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin speaks to a crowd inside The Pier in Culpeper on Wednesday.

Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin spoke to a packed Culpeper restaurant Wednesday for a "Parents Matter" rally.

"The country needs for us to win Virginia," Youngkin said. "I get more emails and texts from parents all over the country saying, 'Please stand up for us too.'"

The rally comes in response to a comment Democrat challenger Terry McAuliffe made during the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce debate.

During the debate, McAuliffe spoke about how parents should not be telling schools what to teach.

"He (McAuliffe) believes government should stand between parents and children," Youngkin said.

As he spoke inside The Pier on Davis Street, cheers and applause from a crowd of about 50 could be heard outside.

"He (McAuliffe) wants to continue, to continue embrace organizations that want to defund police and close prisons," Youngkin said. "At the end of the day, that's Terry McAuliffe, folks. Anybody who votes for Terry McAuliffe is embracing that ideology..."

Also in attendance Wednesday was Culpeper mayoral candidate Jon Russell.

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Joe Homas

Will somebody (I know you're out there) please tell me what qualifies parents to opine on school curricula? Or for that matter, what qualifications are required to BECOME a parent? From what I've seen at school board meetings, any two idiots can produce a child.

I am NOT saying they should have no voice in the matter, but if the school board THEY ELECTED isn't performing to their satisfaction, run against them or pull your kids out of public schools. Teach them yourselves (Yeah, like that's gonna happen).

But if you think you can act like the January 6 "tourists" who invaded the Capitol, think again. If you cannot control yourselves, you will be controlled.

As for Youngkin, pandering to you folks by pledging allegiance to a flag that was carried by insurrectionists into the Capitol tells me all I need to know about him.

He's not hoping for a better America, but for a New AmeriKKKa.

I'll do all I can within the law to keep him from reaching that objective.

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