This will be the last of this series regarding the existence on racism in America and I would include in that other forms of prejudice against people of different religious faith, gender, education and economic status. Differences are normal and often to be celebrated, however, there is no place for them in determining who should receive privileges and who should be denied opportunity or worse yet be the brunt of oppression and hatred. Perhaps the most difficult challenge we face is changing attitudes. Attitudes that have for are generations been taught and engrained in our culture.  Are those that hold those same attitudes today to be scorned, I think not.  Are we tasked with altering those inaccuracies and inequalities by seeking and documenting facts and truths long denied? My humble opinion is absolutely!
With that thought in mind please read the last of the dialogue between me and Reader # 2.
Zann: Does this mean you guys will not be supporting the resolution? If one has to err, I vote for erring on the side of truth and inclusion. I must say, I wish you had addressed some of the other questions I put forth, but maybe another time. Thank you.
Reader # 2: Yea, that's like asking if I have stopped beating my wife. Ether answer indicts me - either you say I supported lynching in the past or I am an idiot for propagating idiocy here. But for clarity, no I do not support resolutions that address 100 year old issues that are no longer relevant. I would support a resolution asking that black fathers take care of their kids and wives (70% unmarried households) and stop shooting each other and stay in school and get a job. THAT is today and the future for blacks.
Note: the 70% statistic is based on 2010 data and is at face value accurate. However, it does not consider such data as unmarried but cohabitating households and whether or not children have a functional relationship with their fathers outside the household. Rates for High school graduation, employment, and incarceration vary widely by region and cannot be considered accurate without looking at the complete picture. Take a look at the dropout rate for Caucasians living in the most impoverished areas of the Appalachian region.
Zann: Ok, now I see where you are coming from. Thank you for clarifying. Stay warm.
Zann: I do have another question based on what you will not support. Do you think then that we do not need to be spending millions of dollars on monuments, battlefields, resolutions in support of warriors from any war that is 100 or more years old and over and done with? This is not a trick question; I am truly interested in your opinion.
Reader # 2:  I believe we should maintain a vigilant understanding of our history in all manifestations - in word and relics, both museum and other including battlefields and public displays. Today's kids are woefully under-informed, not only about American history but world history. The founders said we could only maintain a democracy (Democratic Republic) through good public education and knowledge. The Federalist papers discusses this. The whole Blexit movement of Turning Point is about walking to and embracing the future and not dwelling on superstitions or the past. I wish folks well in their personal and cultural rehabilitation.
Zann: Can you see the educational components in both the effort being expressed here as well as in the language and plans that will follow the passing of the resolution?
Reader # 2: NO I can't at all. History as represented in plain fact speaks for itself, not in some academic's or politician's neo-interpretation of it. Not via a revisionist history judged by WHOM? Would you allow anyone to write historical resolutions or just some special designated segment? Could the KKK write resolutions or just duly qualified liberal academics? Yea, thought so. Again, Soc101A teaches that we cannot judge historical events by today's standards - remember - and any resolution today condemning the past is doing that. We could spend a lifetime and millions making resolutions going back to Indian slights, colonization, Egyptian and African slavery, and cave men and it would do NOTHING for solving today's problems for the future. Again, you dwell solely in grievances of the past. Or you are an academic who benefits form such work. Move on. Can you?
Zann: I will think on that and get back to you.
Reader #2: Please don't. We're done. Thanks
Until next week, be well.

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