InsideNoVa Mental Health Town Hall

InsideNoVa will host a virtual town hall Tuesday, May 12, to discuss mental health issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic and some strategies to deal with them.

The town hall is free, but registration is limited to the first 500 attendees. The event will be from 5-6 p.m. Click here to register.

Panelists for the event will be:

- Dr. Shruti Tewari, a child and adolescent pshychiatrist at Inova Kellar Center.

- Lisa Madron, executive director of Prince William County Community Services.

- Dr. Richmond Hill, supervisor, secondary school counseling and student support services at Prince William County Public Schools.

The town hall will also be streamed live on InsideNoVa's Facebook page.  InsideNoVa publisher Bruce Potter and reporter Emily Sides will moderate the event, and attendees will be able to submit questions for the panelists.

 The event will be held as the coronavirus pandemic enters the third month of significant impacts across the region, closing businesses and schools and forcing tens of thousands of area residents out of work. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that nearly half of Americans report the crisis is harming their mental health,  and a federal emergency hotline for people in emotional distress registered a more than 1,000 percent increase in April compared with the same time in 2019, the Washington Post reported

The Post also noted that online therapy company Talkspace reported a 65 percent jump in clients since mid-February.

Research has established a strong link between economic upheaval and suicide and substance use. A study of the Great Recession that began in late 2007 found that for every percentage point increase in the unemployment rate, there was about a 1.6 percent increase in the suicide rate.


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