Jasmine Gould

Jasmine Gould is the Chief Development Officer for Strategic Consulting Partners (SCP) and the Vice Chair of the Small Business Association for International Companies (SBAIC). Over the last 7 years, Jasmine has actively expanded SCP’s Federal government practice as the leader of the Arlington, VA federal headquarters. She is in charge of business development, finding teaming partners, networking, research, and proposal development. Jasmine is actively growing the SCP’s network both domestically and internationally. Since Jasmine joined her firm in 2012, SCP has grown from 2 to 40 employees and exceeds over $4M in revenue. In addition to her role within SCP, Jasmine has served on the SBAIC Board for over 4 years as the Vice Chair and the Chair of the Communications Committee. She leads SBAIC’s operations, event management, corporate partnerships, and government relations. She also serves at the Chair of the Membership Engagement Committee for the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. Her dedication to her community and nonprofit engagement is paramount to her personal drive to make a difference in the world.

Jasmine Gould holds a BA in Global Affairs from George Mason University (GMU) with a Concentration in Asia and Global Inequality. She has a pending Masters in Public Administration (MPA) focused in Environmental Policy & International Development from GMU. She has had numerous international work experiences across SE Asia in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. She has also worked in Hong Kong, China as a research assistant for a legislative councilor for the Democratic Party of China.

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