Kelly Dalton

Kelly Dalton holds a doctorate in education with a focus in international education from George Mason University and currently serves as the Founding Director for the Saints’ Center for Service at Marymount University. Prior to her role at Marymount, she served as Director of George Mason University’s Nonprofit Fellows Program, Assistant Director of the Center for Social Action and Integrative Learning, and Assistant Professor in the School of Integrative Studies. Her research explores intercultural education, community engaged learning, and leadership. Her research and work has spanned across locations in the U.S., Pakistan, and Guatemala.  

In 2015 she was a recipient of the Shinnyo-en Peacebuilding Fellowship and serves as a delegate for the U.S.-Pakistan Interreligious Consortium, a program that utilizes international education as a tool for combatting dehumanization and providing alternatives to extremist narratives. 

Prior to starting the doctoral program, she was an Extension Specialist for the University of the District of Columbia. She developed and implemented nutrition curriculum for at-risk youth and early childhood classrooms. Kelly was also an adjunct professor in the Global and Community Health department at George Mason University and the Malek School for Health Professions at Marymount University.

Kelly is a registered dietitian who holds a B.S. in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise and a M.S. in Nutrition Education and Behavior, both from Virginia Tech. She is the owner and CEO of Capital Wellness Solutions and in 2012, she was awarded the Virginia Dietetic Association-Young Dietitian of the Year award. 

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