Virginia House of Delegates districts 2010

The redistricting commission will be charged with redrawing lines for the Virginia House of Delegates, state Senate and U.S. Congress based on the 2020 Census. Map shows the lines for the House of Delegates after the 2010 redistricting. 

Sixteen Northern Virginia residents have been nominated for positions on the state's new redistricting commission, which will draw new lines for Virginia's House of Delegates, state Senate and congressional districts.

The residents were among 62 finalists selected by current General Assembly leaders from both major political parties and were chosen from over 1,200 applications received for the commission.   From those finalists, a panel of five retired Virginia judges will select eight citizen members of the commission -- four nominated by Republicans and four by Democrats.  The judges are scheduled to meet Wednesday, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and must make their selections by Jan. 15.  

The eight citizens will join eight legislators -- four Republicans and four Democrats -- on the commission, which is scheduled to begin its work in February.  Two Northern Virginia legislators have already been appointed to the commission: Sen. George Barker, D-Fairfax, and Del. Marcus Simon, D-Fairfax.

Of the Northern Virginia citizens nominated to the commission, only three were selected by Republican leaders:  Thomas H. Hueg of Fairfax Station, Joseph Edward Kornhoff of Alexandria, and Tabitha Walter of Alexandria.  The remaining 13 were nominated by either the House or Senate Democratic leaders. 

Overall, Republicans submitted 28 nominations to the panel of judges, while Democrats submitted 34 names. The Virginia Public Access Project compiled a complete breakdown of all 62 nominees, including their age, ethnicity and political contributions.

The redistricting commission has until July 1, or 45 days after receipt of 2020 Census data, whichever is later, to submit a plan to the General Assembly for House of Delegates and state Senate districts.    The plans must be approved by six of the eight citizen members and six of the eight legislative members. The General Assembly must approve the plan but cannot change it; if the General Assembly does not approve the recommended plan, then the Supreme Court will draw the districts. 

Redistricting commission finalists from Northern Virginia

SOURCE: Virginia Public Access Project

Name Locality Age Nominated by
James Abrenio Fairfax 37 Senate Democrats
Kimball W. Brace Manassas 69 Senate Democrats
Julia A. Braxton Reston 26 Senate Democrats
Alton Carroll Leesburg 55 Senate Democrats
Marilyn Nevy Cruz Alexandria 34 Senate Democrats
Cynthia M. Cunningham Falls Church 53 House Democrats
Elliott Dubin Springfield 76 House Democrats
Thomas H. Hueg Fairfax Station 60 Senate Republicans
Michael Evan Jaffe Great Falls 78 Senate Democrats
Joseph Edward Kornhoff Alexandria 34 House Republicans
Sean S. Kumar Alexandria 41 House and Senate Democrats
Matthew M. Lopez Springfield 49 House Democrats
Maya Castillo Morrison Fairfax 43 House Democrats
Jeffrey Sachs Springfield 49 Senate Democrats
Eleanor Shumaker Fairfax 76 House Democrats
Tabitha Walter Alexandria 33 House Republicans

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(4) comments


What about political Independents and members of Third Parties (e.g., Libertarians, Greens, etc.) who applied?


And this is why I was in the minority (16%) that voted against this garbage....

Sic Semper Tyrannis...

Mind you, on both Sample ballots for Republicans and Democrats, Yea vote was advertised.

"Its a Big Club, and You Aint In It! You and I are not in the Club."


Colonel Trautman

Keep the cesspool areas Democrat while the rest of the reasonable law-biding citizens salvage the principles put forth by our founding fathers (even if the owned slaves).


If you click on the link to the VPAP site you will see that a few persons who expressed no political party preference were nominated.

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