7-Eleven, Inc.'s newest Evolution Store in Manassas, Virginia – the first to offer customers two restaurant options in one location.

7-Eleven last week announced the opening of a new-concept "Evolution Store" in Manassas, the first to offer customers two restaurants in one location.

The new stores, with eight around the country, are "an experiential testing ground where customers can try and buy the retailer's latest innovations in a pioneering store format," 7-Eleven said in a news release. 

The new store at 10601 Lomond Drive offers two onsite restaurants located side by side inside the store, with separate ordering counters and shared indoor and outdoor seating.

In keeping with "its experiential, experimental vibe," the Manassas Evolution Store also is the first to serve as a real-world testing ground for 7-Eleven's "Sips and Snacks" emerging brands program, the release said. Customers will be able to purchase items they won't find at many other 7-Eleven stores or retailers.

Since 2018, 7-Eleven has hosted an invitation-only showcase for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to present their most innovative products. Hundreds apply to participate, but fewer than 100 are invited, the release said. Franchisees and company employees vote on their favorites, and the hand-picked winners land on store shelves where customers have the ultimate say. Some of the winning brands include Koia, Perfect Bar, Roar, Bitchin' Sauce and Mush.

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