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Administrators closed all boys' bathrooms on the second and third floors at Osbourn Park High School outside Manassas Monday due to a teen TikTok trend involving vandalism and theft at school.

Called "devious lick" or "diabolical lick," teenagers are stealing or vandalizing items like soap dispensers, mirrors, toilet paper holders, signs and science lab equipment and bragging about it on social media.

Osbourn Park Principal Lisamarie Kane said administrators closed all the boys' bathrooms on the second and third floors at the school off Euclid Avenue Monday because of the vandalism. Bathrooms on the first floor were open and being monitored by staff, she said. 

In a note to the school community, Kane said all boys' bathrooms except one by the gym on the first floor were closed "until further notice."

More than 2,500 students were enrolled at Osbourn Park during last school year.

In an email to InsideNoVa, Kane said the bathroom closures are temporary and there is a plan in place to reopen them Tuesday.

The trend has hit schools locally and nationwide, causing major damage and loss, school officials say. 

A TikTok spokesperson told the Associated Press the platform is removing “devious licks” content and "redirecting hashtags and search results to its guidelines to discourage the behavior."

At Osbourn Park, Kane said the acts of vandalism and theft are under investigation and consequences range from "suspension to alternative school."

"As we stress the characteristics of ALL Yellow Jackets, respect and kindness are probably the most important," Kane wrote. "It is both unkind and disrespectful to leave the restrooms dirty and to steal soap, mirrors, etc."

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Linda Davis

Welcome to the liberal world. No respect for anyone.

Tom Manson

@Linda Davis - Liberals demonstrate respect for everyone, except those who actively deny their rights. Your comment is farcical.

A.B. Herman

Oh yes, the very first commandment of the Liberal Credo does happen to be "Thou shalt go forth and destroy all the sinks and toilets so that the Terrible Conservatives among us shall be righteously denied their ablutions; and verily, it shall learn those Terrible Conservatives, and it shall learn them well."


Kids -- especially the dumb and/or bored ones -- have been dismantling school bathrooms since only about forever. When I was in high school, they took the screws and plates off the stall doors so many times that the school eventually stopped rehanging the doors. The locks were always broken or missing altogether and the majority of the sinks were never not clogged with that crunchy brown roll they call paper towels. And that was nearly 30 years ago.

Sorry to burst your weird, sanctimonious try-hard bubble there, but teenagers have always been stupid, destructive little brats, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Sammy Davis

Expel these loser kids from the school system and be sure their parents pay for all the damages. Don’t give suspensions or alternatives or any other foo foo punishment, give them some real life lessons.

Tom Manson


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