Amazon is apparently close to opening two stand-alone grocery stores in the D.C. area, one in D.C’s Logan Circle and one in Fairfax County’s Franconia area, announcing plans to fill hundreds of full- and part-time jobs at the two locations.

The Logan Circle store is at the corner of 14th Street and Riggs Place in Northwest D.C. The Franconia store is in the Festival of Manchester Lakes shopping center.

A spokesman for Amazon would only confirm the locations, but declined to provide opening dates for the stores or the exact format the Amazon grocery stores will be.

Amazon currently has eight Amazon Fresh grocery stores in California and four Amazon Fresh stores in the Chicago suburbs. It also has two smaller-format Amazon Go convenience stores in Seattle and Redmond, Washington, where shoppers use an app, bag their own items and walk out without going through a check-out process.

The Washington Business Journal has reported the Franconia store will be an Amazon Fresh, and the Logan Circle store, part of the recently completed Whitman Walker-anchored mixed-use development named The Liz, will be an Amazon Go. It also reports a second Fresh store is planned for Gaithersburg and a second Go store is planned for 901 H St. in Northeast D.C.

Amazon currently has two brick-and-mortar bookstores in the D.C. area, one in Georgetown and one in Bethesda.

Amazon also owns the Whole Foods Market grocery chain, which operates separately from its Fresh and Go stores.



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Abbey Sinclair

I would like to know the pay and benefits for Amazon's supermarket and retail workers. How many qualify for SNAP and WIC?

Duke Nukem

If they don't, they should. The requirements for these programs needs to be adjusted so that the majority of Americans and non-citizens across the globe can take advantage of it. I hope Bezos is lobbying for much needed changes here. The less a person has to worry about food the more they can spend on Amazon prime day.

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