The dog shot in Manassas Park on April 26 is recovering from surgeries to amputate his hind leg and repair other bulletwounds.

The staff at MedVet Northern Virginia says the brown and white dog shot several times and abandoned near the Manassas VRE station last month is doing much better.

The veterinary crew has unofficially named him Kevin and they say he's now had his second set of surgeries to fix wounds to his neck and to amputate his hind leg.

"Despite this, we don't think Kevin plans on slowing down!" MedVet wrote in a Facebook post. "His recovery is getting better each day. Our team is sure to give him those extra snuggles, because they definitely help with the healing process."

Manassas Park police are still looking for the person who shot Kevin, and a Crime Solvers reward is possible.

Witnesses reported hearing a total of six gunshots at 9:26 a.m. in the 9300 Manassas Drive. After the shots were fired, the dog followed the person back to a black SUV parked in the VRE parking lot. The driver then fled the scene.

Kevin’s story prompted an outpouring of rage, concern and offers to help, with thousands of dollars donated to MedVet Northern Virginia animal hospital.

"THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have messaged, called, donated, or shared Kevin's story. We are so proud to be able to give care to the pets in need in this wonderful community," MedVet wrote.

While the search continues for who did this to Kevin, his caretakers are starting to think about finding him a loving home.

"There have been many questions about Kevin and adoption inquiries. After he is well enough to leave our care, he will be placed with the City of Manassas Park Police Department, who are working to find him a great, loving home," MedVet wrote.

"Kevin is ready for his long and happy life ahead, filled with lots of fetch, cuddles, treats, and kisses."


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Lynne June

If there were witnesses, why is there no description published? It seems that might have helped to catch the perp.

Wayne D.

Check your work please: "After the shots were fired, the followed the person back to a black SUV parked in the VRE parking lot"............... And to the person that shot the dog. Please know that you are nothing but garbage.

Stephanie Richardson

Love this dog and a big thanks to Medvet! Wonder if there is any update on who shot him? Did they post his picture and story to other areas? Am sure someone knows who did this.....he needs to be found!

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