A German shepherd tossed from a car in North Stafford is safe at the Stafford County Animal Shelter. 

Stafford County Animal Control is searching for information on a German shepherd tossed out of a car and left in the middle of the road Saturday in North Stafford.

The dog didn't appear to suffer serious physical injuries. He's believed to be between 5 and 6 years old and is not microchipped.

The incident happened near the intersection of Widewater and Telegraph roads, animal control said.

Authorities want to hear from any witnesses or anyone with information about the dog.

The dog is currently safe at the shelter.


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Only a trump supporter would make this article political! Shame on you all!! Someone threw a dog out of a moving car. Shame on them. If you have a dog you cannot take care of or want, take it to the shelter. They will find it a home.



Only a Biden supporter would throw a dog out of a window in the middle of the street and drive off.

Tim True

Just like your man crush Trumpy, you evidently have no bottom in tasteless and useless thoughts. [offtopic]


At least Trump supporters don’t try to murder innocent police officers in cold blood and then block the entrance of the hospital so the ambulance can’t in. All the while the chanting “we hope they die”. Like you and your BLM friends did yesterday. If you would do that, then you definitely wouldn’t think twice about throwing your dog out of your window in the middle of the street?

Henry Howell

Your source is full of pop garbage, and exaggerated media. First show us a reputable local news source before you make up things.

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