Mural artists Jessie and Katey

Artists Jessie and Katey with their mural from street art festival District Walls, in Washington, D.C.

The Boro in Tysons has commissioned a new piece of public art from Baltimore-based artists Jessie and Katey -- a 400-foot long, 80-foot high mural.

Facilitated by D.C.-area art broker Art Whino, the large-scale mural will be on the Leesburg Pike side of the Loft building. The Loft is three stories of loft-style office on top of two levels of retail, and lies between Westpark and Silver Hill Drive.

“This new mural from Jessie and Katey will embody the liveliness and spirit of the Boro. This piece serves as yet another beautiful attraction for our community to enjoy, and we could not be more excited for its arrival in time for the new year,” said Tanya Graves, marketing director for the Meridian Group.

The new addition to the Boro is designed to invite passersby into the neighborhood and "infuse happiness and joy to everyone who sees it, whether that is a commuter on the metro, a resident or shopper at the Boro, or a driver on Route 7," the company said in a news release.

The mural will echo the artists’ signature themes of movement and symmetry, inspired by bold color combinations and patterns in nature.


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I absolutely love street art and murals versus just plain buildings and brick facades.

Darth Mark JM

How very colorful. Well, I won't hate on a couple of artists that probably got paid well to do up this mural. Good on them.


I'm so excited!


One of the ugliest things I’ve seen.


Well, fortunately for us you are not an art critic. Just a bitter, bitter, bitter human who has only one function which apparently is to complain about absoloutely every single article that gets posted on this page. Seriously, go sit in the sunshine...vitamin D does wonders for the soul. If yours still exists.


How do you become an art critic anyway? Just trying to find out my options for when Nanny starts sending out checks so more people can be creative or be artists like she said would be the case in her liberal utopia.


@Makeitbetter You just singlehandedly destroyed every neckbeard incel who posts on here constantly.


According to the article it hasn't even been painted yet, just commissioned.

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