Candi King

Candi King

Dumfries resident Candi King came out on top Sunday in a five-way race for the Democratic nomination to the Virginia House of Delegates 2nd District seat being vacated by Jennifer Carroll Foy.

King will face Republican Heather Mitchell in a Jan. 5 special election to replace Carroll Foy, who is resigning to focus on her run for the Democratic nomination for governor. The 2nd District includes portions of eastern Prince William County and northern Stafford County.

“I am grateful for and humbled by the confidence placed in me ... and I will work every day until the Jan. 5 special election to earn the confidence of the community at large," King said in a statement. "Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy leaves big shoes to fill, but between my real-world and General Assembly experience, I am ready to hit the ground running on day one to be an effective advocate as we forge a path of recovery from this pandemic."

There were 867 votes cast in Sunday's Democratic caucus, with Candi King winning 380 votes, and 43.8% of the vote, according to Blue Virginia. Candidate Pamela Montgomery received 218 votes; Keisha Francis won 131 votes; Nyesha Wilson received 90 votes and Rozia Henson won 48 votes.

Carroll Foy, a Democrat, was first elected in 2017 to 2nd District, winning the Democratic nomination for the seat over Candi King's husband, Josh by just a dozen votes.

The winner of the special election will have to run for re-election in the fall to a full two-year term, although the boundaries of the district may change if a statewide redistricting plan is adopted in the meantime.


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Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

It’s likely that Mrs. King’s a very lovely lady. However, some of her “credentials” have served as a deterrent to me. But the final deterrent came via the Potomac Local News on 13 Dec. It wasn’t quite the article that bothered me. It was the fact that King had a spokeswoman issue a statement on her behalf! Wow, that spoke volumes to me. Rather than speak poorly of her, I’ll just keep it simple. Never, will she have my vote.


Congrats on winning Jan 5. The democrat imports from around the US who are now getting paid by the taxpayers will vote for anyone with a D next to their name even if their values do not match the candidate.


Elections have consequences and sending a clueless twit like her down to Richmond means we practically won’t have a delegate fighting for us. Voting for her is a vote for zero representation.

Martin Geter

Cant be any worse than electing a reality show failed businessman as president. We will be paying for THAT mistake for the next 10 years

Lance Livestrong


"Stop looking at me Swaaaaaaaaaaaan!"


"We will be paying for THAT mistake for the next 10 years"

Huh? Please, elaborate, and take all the time you need before you give up your birthright.


Yeah because securing our border and bringing peace to the middle east is so terrible.

Lance Livestrong

Yep and the mega crackdown by DHS/FBI on human trafficking, executed and supported by none other than......well, you know his name. Executive privilege my @ss! More like best leader since JFK!

But! Thats all going to reverse in the new administration, which hopefully doesnt come to fruition. Because the people in the potential recycled administration are war-mongers and human traffickers all in the name of Science and Democracy!


Paul Benedict

I suspect she is clueless, but you can guarantee she will vote as instructed by her special interest socialist bosses. Less police, more abortion, less freedom, more regulations, more illegals, and restrictions on speech.


Exactly, we expect more from our representatives then just showing up to vote for whatever leftwing radical anti business law they are told to vote for. We need someone who has the intelligence to sit on a committee and is capable of reading the proposed laws and rooting out the pork and graft that is always added and making sure that it is written for the best interest of the people who voted for her in the first place. Candi King clearly doesn't have the skill to even come close to do this.

derek sangster

Fake and Soily, why don't you racist run for office since you have all of the answers? You ignorant to true facts idiots can't even think for yourselves. You know right from wrong and yet you still are supporting Draft dodger Trump. Sad and ignorant old men you are.

derek sangster

Calling her a twit is ignorant Fake. You Trump deplorables can't or won't think for yourselves. He lost! Get over it, because Joe Biden won by a landslide. I hope you and Soily will move to Russia since you support them over the United States.

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