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Who knew Sudley was a city? Let alone the hardest-working one in the country.

The career website has ranked the top 10 "cities" in the country with the hardest workers, and their data landed Sudley as number one. The ranking is based on average hours worked, average commute time, workers per household and labor force participation rate.

Zippia doesn't tell us exactly what constitutes the Sudley area, but it does use a photo of the train station in Old Town Manassas to illustrate the story. 

Sudley is actually a U.S. Census Designated Place in Prince William County with of population of almost 18,000 covering about 2.75 square miles that includes parts of Sudley Manor Drive, Lomond Drive and Copeland Drive along with the neighborhoods of Westgate and Sudley.

So what makes Sudley so hard working? According to, residents work an average of 42 hours per week, and commute just under 25 miles with an average 50-minute commute daily, with two workers per household.

"While time may not always equal work output, it is a good look into just how much of their lives people spend making a living (or getting to work-to-make a living). To measure time spend working, we looked into both average hours worked and average daily commute," the website says.

Zippia's ranking for 2020 includes:

  1. Sudley, Virginia
  2. Forney, Texas
  3. College Park, Maryland
  4. Gardere, Louisiana
  5. Allendale, Michigan
  6. Commerce City, Colorado
  7. Immokalee, Florida
  8. Lexington, Nebraska
  9. North Bay Shore, New York
  10. Coachella, California

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