pentagon chicken.jpg

Henny Penny, the Pentagon chicken.

In Arlington, the answer to the age-old question of why the chicken crossed the road is ... to get to the Pentagon.

Early Tuesday morning, a chicken was caught sneaking around the security area outside the heart of nation's Department of Defense. Officers with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington picked her up and posted her story on Facebook while they work to find her a new home.

Apparently, someone on comedian Jimmy Fallon's team spotted the story of Henny Penny the chicken because Tuesday night, he sang a song about her on "The Tonight Show."

"Henny Penny is so honored that he wrote a song about her! She loves it … but she has some feeling about the BBQ sauce line as you can see. But she says she’ll overlook that," the shelter said in a Facebook post. Check out the song and Henny Penny's reaction:

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