When you give, hope marches on.

When you give, hope marches on.

The Salvation Army’s 2021 Christmas Basket campaign has received $734 in donations during its first week.

Christmas Basket 111920

The campaign, sponsored by InsideNoVa/Prince William, has a goal this year of $15,000. The funds raised are used by the Prince William corps of the Salvation Army to support its holiday efforts, such as the Angel Tree program, and to help local families in need.

Donations received this week were:

  • Lake Jackson Mid-County Lions Club, $200 

  • Lori Reed, $26

  • Anonymous, $52, in memory of Edwin and Barbara Moses

  • Anonymous, $104

  • Floraida David, $100

  • Wayne Grindle, $52

  • Bruce and JoAnn Potter, $200, in honor of the hard-working staff at InsideNoVa and Rappahannock Media 

Donations for the Christmas Basket can come from individuals or groups or be made anonymously. The deadline to contribute is Dec. 31. 

Donors will be listed each week in InsideNoVa/Prince William, continuing through early January. Donors may also include a brief message to appear in the newspaper.

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Harry Morant

I heard they went "woke". Jumped on the bandwagon of telling blanc people they should apologize for being blanc. Now they are back-pedaling. TOO LATE! You can’t put your evil back in the bottle boys. I’ve heard that each time a Salvation Army bell rings, a demon gets it wings! Give your donations to a pet rescue, animals have unconditional love, these people, not so much.

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