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Incoming Fifth District Rep. Bob Good

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He’s not been sworn into office yet and already conservative Republican Congressman-elect Bob Good is making waves on Capitol Hill after calling the COVID-19 pandemic “phony.”

Good appeared this past Saturday at the second "Million MAGA March" in support of President Donald Trump, an event covered by Business Insider.

"I can't tell you how great it is to look out there and see your faces," Good told the crowd who demand that November’s presidential election be overturned in favor of Donald Trump. "This looks like a group of people that get that this is a phony pandemic.

“It's a serious virus, but it's a virus. It's not a pandemic ... You get it. You stand up against tyranny. Thank you for being here today. Thank you for saying no to the insanity."

That same day, the publication pointed out, there were roughly 231,000 confirmed new coronavirus infections and over 3,300 COVID-19 deaths, both single-day records in the United States and easily within the definition of a pandemic given the 300,000 deaths all told.

University of Virginia Dr. Cameron Webb, who lost to Good in last month’s election, tweeted in response to the Republican’s remarks: "I've seen firsthand the devastation COVID-19 causes. The fact is — even here in VA — the pandemic is surging right now. Anyone can be affected and it's our collective duty to respect this threat. It goes beyond partisanship or politics. This rhetoric is irresponsible and dangerous."

Outgoing Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman, who was unseated by Good in this past summer’s primary, wrote on Twitter: "My grandmother is in the Hospital with COVID. My brother is a critical care nurse taking care of those with COVID. Saying COVID is fake is irresponsible, embarrassing and everything that is wrong with politics. Virginia deserves better."

Good followed up by posting on Twitter Sunday: “We have got to stop the insanity, and stop accepting the hoax that says forcing people to wear a mask, forcing businesses to close, prohibiting worship services, and keeping kids out of school will make a significant difference in whether or not we will die from this virus.”

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@icrazyhorse, the only reason this nut job got elected is, the 5th District is heavily gerrymandered, so basically while C-Ville is very liberal, Roanoke is in the same district and they seem to love nut jobs. But, we also just voted to redraw the lines, so my guess, is this moron won't be re-elected.

Hal Haynes

It's just bizarre that somebody denies that block a virus and staying far enough away from people for the virus not to be transferred to them is of no value in preventing the spread of the virus. It's as though they think viruses are magical materials that appear in people spontaneously rather than infectious microbes passed on from others.

Popular Misconception

Hal Haynes - No one denies that if you lock up and isolate everyone for 4 weeks, you could prevent the spread of the virus. The problem is that there is a cost for everything - and not just financial. Even if it was possible to do worldwide isolation and lockdown (because you would need to do it everywhere in the world in which COVID-19 exists) - and even if it achieved the desired effect of preventing the spread did - it would be at the expense of all the other diseases, illnesses, and maladies in the world going unaddressed. In other words, the amount of suffering and death from everything else (TB, Heart Disease, Cancer, Hunger and Starvation, Depression, Suicide, etc.) would FAR outweigh the amount of suffering and death from COVID-19.

A better approach is Focused Protection - focusing on those who are most at risk (such as those over a certain age, and those with pre-existing co-morbidity issues), while not impeding on those who are younger, healthy, and vibrant to continue living their lives. Here's a fantastic summary from the scientific community on what this looks like:

That's a good starting point. Please see my other longer post in this thread for more factual science-based resources.

Jerzy Brick

"A better approach is Focused Protection - focusing on those who are most at risk (such as those over a certain age, and those with pre-existing co-morbidity issues), while not impeding on those who are younger, healthy, and vibrant to continue living their lives. Here's a fantastic summary from the scientific community on what this looks like"


Dennis Gannon

He is correct. See Koch's Postulates, no one has even isolated any C Virus.

John Dutko

Sure. This guy knows more than the rest of the scientific community.

Jerzy Brick

And which scientific community are you referring to exactly?

Oh, the one that funded the Wuhan Lab under the fincancing of Anthony Fauci, on record. After President Obama denied him the funds to set up shop in the U.S. due to lab accidents. On record.


John Dutko

The majority of the worlds scientists that dont ascribe to crack pot snake oil schemes. Like the ones who are in countries that managed to control the virus because the politicians werent headstrong idiots.

Popular Misconception

Iwouldntgiveabean - It's amazing to me that Fauci, the news organizations, and social media platforms - all quite smart in their own way - have convinced so many people to believe THEY are THE scientific community, while ignoring scientists and doctors from prestigious institutions such as Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and many others. "Science" is more discussion and discovery, and less dogma. The question on how to address COVID-19 is FAR from a settled matter in "the scientific community" than many would have us to believe.

Dr. Senetra Gupta of Oxford University is arguably the world's foremost leading epidemiologist (and by the by, her politics lean quite left of center). See what she and many others highly respected individuals from the scientific community have to say on the matter:

John Dutko

This was from facebook crap

But what is interesting is that the White House wanted to embrace that:

Here is one of the emails from the article:

So, this guy, Paul Alexander, was basically an intern who only got his job because he called into Fox news! Go figure. Fits the M.O.

Unqualified clowns the lot of them.

Larry Lyons

If the Congressman is so convinced it is a hoax, I sincerely hope he comes down with a severe case. That way he can see how much of a hoax it is as he struggles to breathe in intensive care.

Jerzy Brick

Spoken like a true @ssh0le, did you not just read what T. Beaman just indicated? Thats not what the congressman-elect said.

I was gonna throw away my tin-foil hat, but now im gonna throw it at you![alien]

Popular Misconception

Good did *not* say the virus, itself, is fake or a hoax. Here's a direct quote: "It's a serious virus, but it's a virus. It's not a pandemic." You can agree or disagree with his characterization of whether it's a pandemic, but it's intellectually dishonest to pretend that he did not acknowledge the seriousness of the virus.

John Dutko

You would think that an adult would know the difference between epidemic and pandemic.


The sooner, the better. And maybe, just maybe, there will be NO ICU bed available for this RepubliCON clown.

Jerzy Brick

You sound like a craZyh0rse



A non-fatal and mostly harmless "pandemic light" at best.

Robert Segall

fake journalist living up to their name.

Popular Misconception

First, Good did *not* say the virus, itself, is fake or a hoax. Here's a direct quote: "It's a serious virus, but it's a virus. It's not a pandemic." You can agree or disagree with his characterization of whether it's a pandemic, but it's intellectually dishonest to pretend that he did not acknowledge the seriousness of the virus.

Second, Good *did* point out the futility of believing that business lockdowns and mask wearing somehow corollate to the spread of the virus, and rightfully so. There is NO evidence - zero, zilch, nada - that business lockdowns and masks do anything to prevent the spread. Additionally, *even if masks and lockdowns* worked, they are not the single data point to consider when deciding whether to violate the most basic human rights.

Oh - and we're not in a "second wave". We are seeing a seasonal increase. Those may sound like the same to many people, but they're not. There are important differences between these two concepts that shape the thoughts behind how to address the situation.

Don't believe me on any of this stuff? Cool. I'm a nobody.

But here's someone who's not a nobody explaining why lockdowns and masks don't control the spread of coronavirus - and why its actually DANGEROUS to believe otherwise:

Here's another publication explaining why the costs of COVID should not be the only costs evaluated, written and endorsed by folks at Oxford University, Harvard Medical School, and Stanford University Medical School, to name a few:

And last, but not least, here are data charts from which any one with an understanding of statistics can plainly see that Bob Good was a lot closer to the truth about the inefficacy of the lockdowns and mask mandates than some people want to give him credit for:

PLEASE - for your own sake, for your family's sake, and for the sake of society at large, do not fall under the hypnotic drone constantly promoting fear, uncertainty, and doom about this virus. For most people (not all - but most), acquiring this virus leads to some unpleasant symptoms, and downtime away from work. Not something you want to get, but certainly not something that should serve as a life-altering threat to your way of life.

Jerzy Brick

Yep, the cold, hard truth is exactly that. The healthcare system and insurance companies were already corrupt long before COVID-19...The COVID-19 is a part of "The Great Reset," just ask that eugenicist himself!

Bill Gates says bars and restaurants should sadly be closed for 4-6 months with no return to normal until 2022

The culture of tyranny is underway...


He’s absolutely correct. Finally, at least a few people are willing to leave their house. 99.7% survival’ll be OK! Grow up!

Larry Lyons

Are you sure about those numbers? So where did you get them, aside from the air.

Fact it you present no evidence to support your fantasy. Ergo as far as I can see you're most likely making it up.

Seriously you need to get that tinfoil hat patched.

Jerzy Brick

You want some tissues for your issues kind sir/madam?



We've had too many members of our extended family taken seriously ill by this disease or who have died from the disease already to make fun of, or poo-poo the disease, or to pretend that it doesn't exist. We hopefully are making progress in the fight against it, but it's not coming because we are ignoring it.

Robert Segall

fatality rate is more than 10 times that of the seasonal flu, but yea, no big deal as long as you yourself don't get it it right?

Jerzy Brick

Im more than comfortable stating that the PCR test is a major hoax, the only test I would trust is an antibody test at this point...or a stay at home because I have symptoms with related to some kind of infection test, thats probably the best one.

Jerzy Brick

In addition, if someone isnt feeling well, by all means mask up in public! Be my guest, especially if your wearing an N95 and your ill. Thank you! I appreciate that But if your coughing or sneezing, no mask or face covering will do a damn thing, for any SARS virus! But dont make the rest of the population succumb to tyrannical efforts in a paper-thin or cloth mask that is ineffective! Dont close the schools down and scare the living daylights out of our children and then vaccinate them with a vaccine they dont even need! Dont shut down small businesss either. Disgusting! Sad! Ignorant! If food establishments prefer taking extra precautions in their establishments, by all means its a good idea to sanitize and wipe things down. They should have been doing all of that during influenza season any how in the first place. Sure, be more strict with certain things, but dont influence and lie to the masses like sheep! Thats what we are to them, sheep! And guess what? It works! It shouldn't have, because Donald J. Trump won the rigged election, but hes gonna get back at them with a few more pardons...and im sure he has some other things up his sleeve!

Jerzy Brick

We are all in this together, but not the way the elites portray it as. We gotta look out for each other, the way of life as we know it is at stake for all of us. Sad, but true!

Popular Misconception

Forest5465 - How do you know that the fatality rate is more that 10x the seasonal flu? The ways they (a) test for seasonal flu, and (b) report deaths for seasonal flu are vastly different from the way they are testing for COVID (wildly inaccurate/overblown PCR tests) and reporting COVID deaths (escalating it to the front of the line in front of other co-morbidities - primarily for (a) money, (b) control, and (c) fear in order to continue more of a and b.) When considering that the average age of death from COVID is higher than the average lifespan in the US, you see what's really going on here. I would understand why you wouldn't just take my word for it - that's wise. So please see my post elsewhere in these comments for links to sources and evidence.

Stephanie Richardson

What an embarrassment!

Change Craford

Another right-wing nut job who still believes that the virus is a hoax. I will tell you Bob, this virus is no hoax and it killed my mother who went to the hospital for a non-emergency and caught it there and died there. You are ignorant to true facts and I don't see you staying in office long. You better wake up and fast.

Jerzy Brick


Sorry about your mother's passing, Merry Christmas to you and your family and other loved ones.

Change Craford

Thank You Hawkeye and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.


Derek, I too am sorry to hear of your loss. Losing my Mother was very tough on me too. The reality of this "epidemic" is that only a tiny fraction of the deaths are directly related to the virus. Almost everyone dies of some underlining disease that they suffer from. It is all about the money. If you go to the hospital and the bill is say $30,000 and you have insurance like Blue Cross. The insurance company and the hospital have negotiated the rates. So no itemized bill goes to the insurance company and they send the hospital a check for $17,000 and everybody is happy. Then we have covid-19. If the hospital can put covid on the death in any way, instead of sending the bill to the insurance company they send the bill to the government who pays the full $30,000. Once the hospital meets a certain quota they get paid MORE than the $30,000. Covid has become a cash cow to the hospitals and a lifeboat for the insurance companies.

Change Craford

SteelerFan, Thank You. I don't agree with that this is only a tiny fraction of deaths. It is real and my mother's death certificate stated COVID and pneumonia from the COVID. This is the flu either.

Popular Misconception

SteelerFan - You are so right. I am very sorry to hear of your mother's death, and of the mother of derek005 as well. When this hits close to home, as it certainly has for many of us, it tends to bias our view of the data. However, when we take a step back and observe the fact that doctors have been pressured into listing COVID as the primary cause of death, while all but ignoring co-morbidities in all the reporting, we can understand what a shameful undertaking has occurred that has helped alter the lives of many healthy and vibrant men, women, and children. Further, when we consider that the average age of death when attributed to COVID is over 80 ( and, any rational thinking person must stop and realize that this number is *above* the average lifespan of *all* people in the US. Rationality and reason are often hard to come by when affected by the passing of a loved one. And that is quite understandable. And yet, for the sake of our families and our societies, we must resist that prehistoric urge toward bias and make a conscious effort to truly understand what's going on. When that happens, the greater dangers associated with lockdowns and mandates become quite clear.

Jerzy Brick

Some of the finest words spoken on these forums...

Theres no question yourself, myself, and many others who frequently post on here are extremely sympathetic to Derek & SteelerFan, and any one else who hasnt shared their personal accounts for that matter as it relates to this "declared endemic, pandemic" and also dont view this as a left side or right side issue, at all.

A lot of these hospitals are tied to what the all mighty powerful CDC mandates, and the tyrannical FDA. The bottom line is, they convince enough people, through the media, they are the ones in charge, not the individual! In other words, we are owned. Imagine that. You got a SS#? Your owned, Social Security is government sponsored racketeering. Got a birth-certificate? Thats your strawman, your owned. The government can now dictate to you who you are, and milk you for all your worth, because your a legal entity to them, not a human being. Your a means to an end. Its why we have countless crimes against humanity that never end. Got an mRNA vaccine? I hope not, because the powers at be arent getting them either!

To date, the only virus ever to be conquered by means of vaccination is Smallpox disease. To date!

Now I gotta wait on my friends to chime in, and provide countless arguments and data and b.s. that they dont understand im never going to fall for, because im not blind in both eyes plus my pineal gland, so three eyes to be exact. So stop wasting your time, your argument can never win.

"One side of a story is hardly a story at all. It's more like propaganda when you think about it."


You have that right dere005. Good is just another right-wing, trump-supporting NUT JOB. It amazes me that voters elected this clown.

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